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A Supernatural Discovery: The Trinity of Worlds

When Tyler Grey’s father visited a dead relative, he conveyed that his fourth son was destined to be endowed with ancient wisdom and power. He was told that his son would be the first indigo child and immersed in the spirit world.

Following Tyler’s untimely birth, his father became preoccupied with learning and mastering to be a medium, and due to his mother’s demise, he was left most days alone with only Marzoo and Fogrill as his minder guide, teacher, and friend.

Many incredible things had happened to Tyler at an early age, which other children would be terrified. Still, with the help of Marzoo and Fogrill, he was able to learn not to fear the unknown resulting in him shunned by the community. A strange boy, they said. As he got older, he learned how to form a psychic link with people, teaching him to expect the unexpected as more mysterious occurrences happen. Things never really took a turn for him even after moving from England, and he again disliked and threatened with mockery and physical confrontation. Despite the circumstances, his love for books has proven to be helpful in his quest, discovering the spirit world. Following the unfortunate death of his mother, his life turned upside down after his father’s remarriage turning his once happy home into a draconian madhouse. When he finally got away from home, his magical powers came to him one by one.

In the novel The Trinity of Worlds, author David Graham’s inspiration was his journey of the unconscious mind. It is guided by Fogril, his spirit guide who taught him the art of the dream warrior. Perhaps this was why this fast-paced supernatural novel easily hooks the readers into thinking that they, too, are inside the book and are experiencing Tyler’s experience firsthand. It’s like an action movie that plays out in front of you but with a supernatural twist. It is a refreshing take on supernaturality and spirits as one man finds his way into the portal of another world, letting us escape from the reality of being locked down due to COVID-19.

In this supernatural novel, readers will be fully immersed in an adventure as Tyler discovers his supernatural abilities, all the while learning what it feels like to be magical. Each chapter with twists and turns would surely make you feel like finding this new enchanting world. It will transport you into Tyler’s consciousness as he trains to strengthen his connection with the spiritual and the supernatural. Readers will learn not to fear the strange phenomenon they have taken to meet remarkable and strange beings. It brings us closer to the unconscious mind, exploring the depths of spirituality and what it feels like to be magical. More so, it entirely takes you on a voyage to an alternate reality of mystery and makes you think that the strangeness is spectacular when we fully immerse ourselves in it.

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