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A Tale of Transcendental Romance Conveying Personal Turmoil and Hope

The forbidden love between two soulmates results in a clash between the forces of Heaven and Hell, testing a bond that transcends the boundaries between life and death. In this tale of fated lovers, heavenly angels, and villains from hell, Thomas-Ian Nadeau also conveys through metaphors his life experiences and the hardships he experienced, baring his heart in the pages of "My Embodiment as a Broken Record."

This epic clash of angels and demons is simultaneously a memoir, a short autobiography that captures the author's struggles, inner conflicts, and perseverance. The tale is told through a stream of consciousness narrative following fantastical characters that include heavenly angels, the transcendental lovers Daniel and Samantha, a powerful villain from the depths of hell named Malbowa, and more. The saga spans enigmatically titled chapters such as "Actuality," "But Forsaken once Again," and "Problem End" that depicts a battle between good and evil that will reset the balance of Heaven and Hell.

At the center of this conflict is the love Daniel and Samantha share, which transcends the boundaries between life and death. Readers will see whether the bond between these lovers can withstand the antagonists before them and how they will fare as they challenge the very celestial order governing Heaven and Hell as well as Earth. Through this story, Nadeau shows how idealism, passion, and convictions must withstand one's circumstances and the challenges reality throws at one's way. And this requires strength, as well as the will to get back up after defeats and try again.

"My Embodiment as a Broken Record" was inspired by the horror stories Nadeau read when he was younger, such as Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles" as well as Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter stories. At the same time, he says it also serves as his memoir, his life story retold through embellishments and metaphors, conveying how he wrestled with topics that troubled him, such as morality, gender, and sexuality, what awaits people with different sexual orientations in the afterlife, his perception of himself as well as society's expectation - and how one can strive to forge one's own destiny.

"It was something built on. Stream of consciousness and determination. It started with chance." Nadeau says, explaining what inspired him. He also hopes that by sharing his story, readers will learn to accept themselves for who they are and go beyond the internal struggles and turmoils holding them back, so they can go on to live happy lives. "People have to stop wearing invisible masks and just be themselves. This story was meant to inspire most people."

About the Author

Thomas-Ian Nadeau hails from Montreal, Quebec, and later moved to the big city during his adolescence. Since his youth, he has had mental health issues, lived in group homes, and had bouts of hospitalization. Currently, he is 24 years old and hoping to return to school in the near future.

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