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A Treatise Showing How Deciphering Allah's Messages Helps Personal Growth

Abid Shakir is a faithful man and a dedicated seeker of truth, as well as a US Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War. With his book, he draws from his life experiences, decades-spanning spiritual journey, and realizations to provide contemplative readers with a treatise that contemplates how humankind realized that the secret to human growth and wellness lies in faith. He shows that "The Code is from Allah" and connects the spiritual teachings of Allah with the surrounding world so that believers may be better able to apply their beliefs and learnings to their everyday lives.

Shakir shows how the code of Allah can be found within the natural order and how perceiving this requires the lens of faith, which must be honed. By doing so, Muslims can see the code of Allah in their daily lives. He likens these to planting seeds of belief that lead to personal growth and actualization. Shakir's work is a testimony of his quest to evolve as a Muslim and develop his understanding of the world in order to explain his insights on cultural and human development. Thus, this book is not only for individual spiritual actualization but also to help readers gain a better appreciation of the societies around them and their cultural foundations, based on their histories, beliefs, and many other factors that are nonetheless linked to spirituality and faith.

Shakir also conveys his own quest to grow as a person and a Muslim, drawing from the teachings of Imam W.D. Mohammed. Shakir's process encompasses a 35-year period of pursuing knowledge and wisdom, as well as studying culture and early Scripture.

"As a student of the Imam, I have published FIVE books with the hope of helping others to better understand the value of this knowledge, and to better understand the insight of revealed knowledge as it relates to world culture. This publication is a review and extension of this quest." Shakir says.

About the Author

During his youth, Abid Shakir worked a variety of service jobs before finding a job at a shipyard and later becoming a seaman for the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey and later the Coast Guard. He was then drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam. After the end of his service, he has gone on a quest to grow as a person and a Muslim to find a universal understanding of existence following the teachings of Imam W.D. Mohammed. He has published five books to help others understand the value of this knowledge and wisdom and to understand better the insights they can glean from divinely-revealed knowledge as it relates to the cultures of the world and their place in it.

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