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A Truce to Fight for the Common Good

Have you ever had a fight with someone that lasted a long time?

Have you ever had a mortal enemy?

As we all know, during wars, two opposing sides are considered enemies so that no agreements can be made between the two. Such agreements can be seen as a form of weakness and a chink in the armor of whoever's side they are. However, if there is one common enemy, will two opposing sides become friends? Will they be able to work together without tension and achieve the goal they want to achieve? One author talks about a subject that isn't very common and gives the readers the thrill of their lives.

The Killer Things is a novel by Arthur Wiederhold, set in war-torn Vietnam. In the middle of the American-Vietnamese war, when American pilots notice something heavy moving around in the jungle of Fort Nowhere, Lieutenant John Barrows and his squadron are sent to investigate. On the other hand, North Vietnamese Army Captain Ho Huong was also sent on the same mission to investigate the phenomena and hunt down the rogue Viet Cong that have been wreaking havoc on the villagers south of the DMZ with orders to terminate them with extreme prejudice. Upon entering the jungle, both sides soon realize that they may be facing an enemy far greater than their goal of killing each other. Realizing that each of their forces was not enough to handle the danger, they decided to work together, forming a truce that would bind them together to conquer the dangerous challenge. The only question is, can they truly set aside their differences? Or will this truce be broken before the task is even finished?

Author Arthur Wiederhold is a man of vast imagination. As of this writing, he has already written over 30 novels that range across different genres. Science fiction, fantasy, and even romance. His diverse collection of novels has enabled him to capture the hearts of his readers all over the world. He is also a man of many professions, having had different astounding careers over the course of his life, from being a war correspondent to an international reporter. His experiences have helped him write some of the best novels for young adults and adults looking for something new. He is also the creator of Second Dawn, a popular video game in Europe.

With that being said, his new novel, The Killer Things, offers a kind of thrilling adventure for the readers. The blend of military action, as well as science fiction, will have readers on the edge of their seats as Wiederhold wows them with every chapter, as each turn of the page provides exciting developments, tension, and, of course, a strategy to not only be on good terms with each other but also to defeat a dangerous enemy that could mean the end of them all. Arthur Wiederhold paints such graphic images of war and action, but every minute spent reading such a masterpiece will have your mind blown!

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