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A Unified Theory of Meditation, Awareness, Music, and Talent

Is there a connection between creativity and enlightenment? Perhaps developing one's skills and pursuing one's passions, such as music, intertwines with personal growth and heightened awareness. Author, musician, and spiritual explorer Declan Galvin believe so. Drawing from his life experiences, a career as a musician, and research into spirituality and psychology, he has penned his treatise titled "Spectrum Force and a Sense of the Acrostic." With this, he illuminates the common denominators linking existence's various facets and provides his readers with a guide to harnessing these to actualize themselves and enhance their creativity.

"We are all talented in some way. Each and every one of us is gifted at something. The trick is to get there to that point to reach your true potential." Galvin says. Having lived a rich life where he pursued sports, created music, delved into the spiritual, and researched both esoteric fields and psychological sciences, he now shares his findings and realizations. These have helped him in his life journey, and he hopes that others can make good use of his contemplations in their voyage to actualize their creative and spiritual potentials.

Galvin holds that to be true to oneself entails actualizing one's talents and gifts. These achievements are beneficial for the individual and can also serve as a beacon for others. Each individual does not exist in a vacuum. There are lessons and opportunities all around, enriching interactions with others, as well as challenges and difficulties that have their silver lining - one just has to know how to make the most out of these moments and experiences. Through methodical actualization, individuals can simultaneously become their best selves and help one other, contributing to society as a whole. In a way, it is a gift that keeps on giving that has the potential to improve the world.

"Spectrum Force and a Sense of the Acrostic" has lessons and advice to help cultivate personal and artistic development. It promotes meditation, faith in one's self and higher powers, prayer, and more. It also emphasizes the process of "progressive mindfulness monitoring the center, the core of the idea of the present moment is the optimum." With this, readers are encouraged to live life to the fullest. They are maximizing every instance of their existences to give more goodness into the world - because all these moments and interactions with others intersect, creating a greater whole.

"Believe all is possible with no boundaries. Believe that how far down you can find yourself from the depths of your being you can and will rise again within the process of recovery. But believe." Galvin encourages his readers.

Declan Galvin is a lover of all types of music and reads extensively. He plays golf, Gaelic football, hurling, and regularly swims and hikes through the forests where he lives. He also plays tenor and alto sax and will be starting a band. Along with "Spectrum Force and a Sense of the Acrostic," he has two books of poetry and haiku on their way, as well as a novel that is in progress.

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