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A Wanderlust to Travel Inside the Book: Man, the Homecoming King

To attract readers to read your book, it must pique their interest and curiosity. Creative writing with entertaining ideas must be poured in for the reader's attention to be captured. The uniqueness of the plot and the peculiar creation of each of the characters all contribute to the successful creation of a story. Writer Mohamad Rajab Darhaman, an author, is able to do so because of his love for his art, writing.

M.R. Darhaman was born in 1967 located in Kuching, Sarawak. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. He and his family are currently living in Dream Hill Villa in Kota Samarahan. He also works related to Occupational Safety and Health as a consultant.

"Man, The Homecoming King" is the title of one of his masterpieces. The book is one of his most recent, having it released in 2021. It exemplifies how fate can bring us to a variety of places, both full of trials we can overcome but at the same time, just enough place where we are supposed and need to be. The book also contains a number of narratives dealing with the significance of having the right to control and choose the way of life you want to live, several adventures and overcoming obstacles, removing the mindset of immediately assuming and romanticizing man and woman relationships in favor of introducing us to another type of relationship, and recalling the past far-eastern culture.

The story is about a woman named Princess Anis who has been deprived of her right to live in a free, and she has full control of. Despite all of the obstacles, she was able to escape from the Tengku with the help of Captain Man. It's a sigh of relief for her that she can now decide whatever she wants to do and choose without anyone dictating her. Soon after, Captain Man and Princess Anis established a great friendship, and they became each other's companions in exploring what life has to offer for them and the challenges they were going to encounter. In addition, M.R. Darhaman would like to teach everyone something from this story: positive thinking and thinking big.

On the other hand, it allowed us to go back in time and remember the far-eastern culture of the past. M.R. Darhaman thought it would be a good idea to include historical events from his own culture. The deprivation of rights that occurred to Princess Anis has something to do with the previous culture in terms of one's freedom of life.

The realization of how powerful books are, is the beginning of learning. Man, the Homecoming King will bring us to a variety of places and a series of perspectives where we can gain knowledge and wisdom, just as Princess Anis and Captain Mango on a variety of adventures. This book allows us to learn and provides us with entertainment and a sense of enjoyment while reading it.

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