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A Woman of Substance: Carla Nicole de Petris

An art aficionado, a historical buff, a deep thinker brought this well-rounded celebrity to where she is now. Carla Nicole de Petris exudes charm, which earned her way to have the best time of her life.

Her love for the arts started at an early age in her hometown in Torino, Italy, where she exhibited her prowess in visual mediums like oil, pastel, pencil, pen and ink and, even photography.

She finished her degree in Business at one of the oldest schools across Europe, the University of Torino, and further enhanced her vast knowledge in the History of Arts and

Architecture in the US. After moving to California, she was keen on studying design, art in all the media, California Architecture, and even broad subjects like Political Science, Psychology, Science, Religion, and American jazz music.

Not satisfied with just appreciating arts and owning a gallery, showcasing a vast collection of the Renaissance and contemporary artworks, she also involved herself in many non-profit organizations and community service, especially in Historic Preservation. She co-chaired a survey for the County and City of Sonoma for historic buildings.

A highly-spirited woman whose talent in the arts is as brilliant as her business acumen, Carla Nicole de Petris established a Sardinian Natural cork Industry for Winery and had them distributed to Wineries in North America, Canada, and Mexico. Consequently, she received an award from the County of Sonoma Commission on the Status of Women, "Award in Innovation" in 2002 Women and Industry.

Being a well-learned researcher on the matter of historical paintings, she probed more in-depth into it. She wrote the well-recognized book, The Mystery of an Old Master Painting by Rafaello Sanzio da Urbino, with the collaboration with experts in the arts, which aimed to shed light on the long-time controversy.

After gaining much exposure to different fields, be it art, Business, literary, or academic pursuit, this vibrant woman enjoys her time responding to emails and messages on her social media account.

Traveling to 56 countries and five continents is no easy feat for anyone, but she is privileged enough to observe different cultures and share her experiences with people. Blessed as she is, Carla Nicole de Petris has what it takes to be a versatile person—a connoisseur of art, a businesswoman, an author, a researcher, an Arabian horse breeder, a world traveler, a

humanitarian—a woman of substance.

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