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A Wonderful Christmas Under the Sea

Christmas is the most wonderful day in the world. It is filled with love, gifts, and all the magical things. It is one time in a year where everything feels warm, cozy, and lovely, what's more if it's celebrated in places we love! May it be a parent's house, a friends' house, the outside or maybe even in places we don't expect and author Marianthe Anthony shows us that there is an adventurous Christmas surprise, under the sea.

Released in 2015, A Fishy Christmas is Marianthe Anthony's compelling children's book. It follows the tale of underwater sea creatures that promoted their home waterway to tourists and ended up with the problem. The sea creatures must then work together to fix the problem before King Neptune returns. Will they be able to find a solution to their circumstance?

Author Marianthe Anthony is currently in the beautiful city of Sydney in Australia, where she spends her time with her grandchildren. She got the inspiration to write her book when she borrowed a fish book from the library and due to the fact that she loves relaxing by the water, where she lives in a boat. The theme of the book is simple, as it highlights the consequences of environmental impacts and the importance of looking after the people we love. Her story is one that not only narrates a one-of-a-kind adventure of a lifetime, complete with diverse characters that introduce fascinating sea creatures to kids in a fun and imaginative way.

What's more, the book is also filled with colorful illustrations that will surely engage children in reading. Anthony's simple narrative is easy to understand. It can easily leave a mark on children about certain things such as doing no harm to people, our environment, and the creatures in it. The creative and colorful way of telling the environmental impacts of human activities reminds us that we are all responsible for making sure that our environment is still safe and beautiful for the next generations after us. The book takes the readers on a journey of discovery as well as realizations as to why taking care of the environment is important. The way Anthony built her characters made them lovable with each turn of the page as the readers have educated about their kindness to the tourists that marvel at them.

The book is not only a subtle reminder, but it is also one that speaks of love for the people around us and the environment. It is a fun way for parents to educate their children about the different sea creatures and the significance of our actions towards our environment. This Christmas, it is time to teach the younger generation about the environment and why we should protect one another. After all, Christmas is the time for giving and teaching children in more ways than one.

As the world becomes more chaotic each day, this book is truly a refreshing take on family, fun, and adventure.

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