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A Word Weaver's Collection of Heartfelt Rhymes and Verses

In "Anthology of My Own Poems," experienced writer Terry Powell invites his readers to lose themselves and become spellbound by his rhymes and verses. This is a diverse collection from a wordsmith who has been at it for nearly twenty years, which he now presents to audiences around the world to enrich their lives, give them a dose of inspiration, or a pleasant reprieve.

With his poems, Powell bears souls and also revisits moments across his life. From childhood misadventures ranging from gorging on chocolate and exploring forbidden houses to the pains and heartaches of growing up and experiencing love for the first time. He regales readers with feats of mountain climbing, the splendor of autumn as the leaves change and gain their blazing hue, the feats of veterans who helped shape history. With his verses, Powell shares his experiences, thoughts, and dreams, memories filtered by the lens of nostalgia, and explores the myriad facets of life. An excerpt of his poetry contemplates existence's bittersweetness:

"I have lived a thousand life's on earth

Since the thousand times, of my birth

Felt a thousand sorrows

Of those thousand spans, of life that borrows"

"Writing poetry was a way of mending broken feelings and hearts, it has been a good therapy and a way of improving my background and my life. I am proud of what I have achieved so far. The goal is to share with the world and get the world to enjoy my work." Powell says.

Aside from being an avid writer of poetry, he has also lectured about poetry and helped other gifted poets with their works, hosting an online community where they could share their works and hone their skills. Through his poems, Powell also celebrates the medium of poetry and the English language itself.

"I think it's a real shame that British people take their own heritage for granted, Little do they realise that they are losing their culture." Powell says. With his work, he is doing his part to enrich the body of work as well as inspire aspiring wordsmiths to continue pursuing their passion - just as he did. Over the years, Powell has honed his skill and craft, and "Anthology of My Own Poems" is a culmination of that process. "Poetry and culture should be treasured and not taken for granted. Our American and Canadian cousins just love music, culture and poetry. I might add that other populations throughout the world are also strongly tied to their past heritage, history and culture."

About the Author

Terry Powell is a poet, author, and grandfather who loves to travel across the globe. He has been writing poetry for the last twenty years. When he isn't writing poetry, Powell loves spending time with his two grandchildren. He has published ten books, these include: "A Book of Dark Poems," "Poems for Children," "The Come and Read Me Book of Poems," "Another Come and Read Me Book of Poems," and he has an upcoming work titled "Hogarths Epic Poem."

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