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Action, Adventure, and a Wedding Unfolds in The Dream Team's Third Adventure

Brian George's "Dream Team" adventure series continues with the further adventures of London underworld underdog Barry Parker and his allies, who engage in daring deeds and the righting of injustices on an international scale. In "Face, Fire & Morality?" they are in for the most exciting mission yet.

Barry Parker's adventures began in the first book “Face and Justice” when the London underworld veteran and his femme fatale allies exacted vengeance on crooked London bankers. Then in their next escapade, in “Face and Honour,” they went on the run across Africa to rescue their kidnapped partner, whose father had sold her in an Islamic arranged marriage. Now, the Dream Team must escape Saudi Arabia and make it in time for Lin Fu's wedding in England. After this respite, they go to the Philippines, where they contend with not only the typical hazards of the underworld but also fire rituals, spiritual awakenings, and the wiles of a maniacal priest who has a whole village of kidnapped children under his sway. During their time in Manila, they spoil a Chinese State bribery scheme at the government level. That makes them a target for Chinese State Security(MSS), hunting for them in both Manila and Hong Kong.

Firefights and fire magic await readers in this page-turner, the third installment of the "Dream Team" adventure series following a team of elite vigilantes who travel the world and correct the injustices they witness, championing the cause of those who otherwise would have no recourse against the powerful factions all too comfortable with trampling average people. All this is set in exotic locales authentically described by the author, a world traveler who has had his own fair share of adventures and exploits.

Part spy thriller, part travel guide, "Face, Fire & Morality?" will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It will also resonate with those tired of injustice and unaccountable elites, who long for someone to make a stand and make the powerful pay for their misdeeds. With George's series, readers will have anti-heroes on their side, modern-day Robin Hoods who, despite their rough and roguish ways, have hearts of gold and pursue righteous causes.

About the Author

Brian George is a freelance copywriter, novelist, and entrepreneur who enjoys traveling. Earlier in his career, he has worked in construction and engineering sites in many management roles. He has written nine books and self-published seven so far. His characters are derived from fragments of his personality, and his narratives are loosely based on real people and places.

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