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Addressing God’s Language for a Meaningful Life

The Scripture has always been available to us. In hindsight, it gives us a message - of hope and renewal. It is God through Jesus that made it possible for us to have eternal life and salvation. It is through Jesus that we are able to have a chance to redeem ourselves from sin and death. Although God has unconditional love for us and clearly, He wants to guide us. The question lies, what is His love language? One’s love language is the way one expresses his/her feelings of love toward someone or something one loves or have a love for. What is the supreme being’s love language? Does He have one? In Waldon Wright’s book, he perfectly addresses what God’s Love Language is.

The title or concept of God’s Love Language talks about how God wants us to caress, speak and live daily in our relationship with Him. In doing so, we can have a meaningful life here and earth and a guarantee of eternal life with Him. But by doing the contrary will lead to eternal death.

The book emphasizes the importance of an effective relationship through communication. But communication cannot sustain itself in a relationship when one does not know each other’s love language. Wright says, “And there cannot be any meaningful or quality love relationship where God is absent, and where His love language is knowingly ignored or rejected,” It is when we know and acknowledge the love language of God and intersect it with ours, can we lead our lives to in meaningful and God-guided ways.

Wright discusses how God’s unconditional love is called Agape. It refers to God’s unconditional love for humanity. A love that self-sacrifices and is thoughtful. He describes God’s love as an unimaginable and contrasting act of love scene - when the Creator dies for His creations, how God’s only Son is born in the likeness of humans in order to spread the Word and ultimately die for our sins and pave the way for a chance for eternal life.

The book also talks about the pieces of evidence that heaven is real! It is a paradise located in the third heaven, and the earth made new in the realm of time called eternity. Heaven is the result of the kind of response God desires of us. It is why we should have the right response, behavior, and anticipation waiting for a place in heaven, utopia, or paradise. And we can do this by embracing God’s Love Language that is deeply discussed in the book! Please look forward to reading it as Wright unravels how God expresses His gesture of love for us and how, as His tenants, we can respond rightfully in His love.

Waldon Wright is a multi-skilled businessman and a Christian professional. He is the author of the book God’s Love Language. He graduated from UWI with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management Studies, and from the University of New Orleans with a Master of Business Administration. He is currently pursuing a terminal degree in Ministry at Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary at Northern Caribbean University site.

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