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Advancing Through Life's Journey

We all go through life with a purpose in mind. Some answer this calling by pursuing their passions: singing, dancing, or immersing themselves in giving, charity, or leadership. Some, however, choose to write. To put it down on paper, narrating every detail of life on their own account. Some stories are of success, some of their own adventures in life, but the best ones are those that are heartfelt and poignant, for they intend to inspire people. They intend to show the world that theirs are unique due to the cards they are dealt with.

Sonia Thompson’s new book, The Unfulfilled Promise, is a touching memoir of her life as a blind person of Afro-Caribbean origin. After hearing items on the radio, it reminded her of two stories that she had written. This resulted in her psychic experience, which led her to believe that if she made contact with the media outlet concerned, somebody would get in touch with her. However, despite her efforts, nobody reached back out to her. This prompted her to think that maybe she had interpreted the experience wrong, or was she right but wasn’t believed in? Whatever happens, she knows that the story does not end there. She knows there must be a way to continue the story.

Thompson’s life changed after having surgery that was supposed to improve her eyes. Fate had other plans, and she lost the little that she had. As a result, she had to go to the school for the blind to retrain her senses. That is where she learned how to touch type, among other things. Learning how to touch type was only the first step that allowed her to communicate with the outside world, work in a mainstream setting, and study alongside her sighted peers. Recently, she has learned to pursue creative writing, hence the publication of her first book.

While most of the places and names were changed in the book, Thompson’s narrative is one that will pull you into its words. That allows the readers to see into her world, her perspective, ideas, and aspirations. She shows the world that her journey through life is not just an ordinary one. It is full of circumstances and challenges that changed her. That made her the woman she is right now. Thompson writes with love and imparts her experiences to the readers of her book.

The simple narrative will entice the readers to read more as Thompson takes the readers on a wonderful journey through life. It will bring them to terms with their past, future, and present and allow them to be guided through the author’s decisions in life. Her success is one that can be commended as it shows the readers that life is not easy, but we can definitely make a name for ourselves in this world.

The Unfulfilled Promise is a memoir that will tell you what life is like in the eyes of someone who has seen less and experienced more.

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