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Adventures and Mayhem: Author Ernie Moulton's Novels on Good and Evil

To go on an adventure is a thrilling experience for anyone. That's why we turn to books for an escape from our boring reality and make us see other worlds in alternate universes that dwell on good and evil. Today, most readers would often choose a fantasy or a true crime book to get in on other people's adventures in their own timelines. However, author Ernie Moulton begs to differ with his one-of-a-kind novels set in different places with complex characters that make these books your go-to novels if you need to be escaping the current reality you are in.

Born and raised in Florida and lived in Florida until going on to college, Ernie Moulton wrote his first serialized story for the school newspaper in the fifth grade. He continued to write until he became the feature editor of his college newspaper. He wanted to become a writer, even taking courses in journalism in college, but life had other plans for him. In 2002, he pursued his dreams of being a writer by publishing his first book, The City under the Sea: The Lost City of Pharmanston一, wherein the story follows Mista, who organizes a group to explore a legend of the formation of an inland sea, the Mistal Sea. With the legend promising treasure and magic artifacts to be found on the bottom of the sea, another person seeks these treasures in a more harmful way. In the struggle to find the lost city, the only question left unanswered is how they'll be able to achieve their goal with the race against another evil giant.

Over the next 19 years, Ernie has continued writing, and self-published books such as The Biotech Caper (2007), which tells the story of George Mictackic, also known as Mista, whose mission is to destroy the research center plotting evil acts against the people, Desert Ruins (2020) follows the story of Charly Talljohn learning to be an adult and pursuing to be a paladin in order to fight evil and The Long Voyage to Peace (2021), that tells the story of Mista's mission in tracking down and putting an end to an evil empire. Under Global Summit, he was able to publish two more books entitled: Until Hell Freezes Over (2021), which follows the story of Misha, who identifies the man who captured his sister when she was eleven, and No Cure (2021), in which Mista is poisoned, and they cannot find a cure. All of Ernie's stories show the readers the fight between good and evil and what is beyond good and evil. He tells his readers to look beyond the black and white with a basic Christian perspective as he portrays functioning adults in society.

Ernie Moulton leaves several messages and moral lessons for each reader to find and shows the importance of affirming children and teaching them life and how to be an adult in the future. His books are full of adventures and mayhem, one that is full of complexities and dark characters that reflect evil societies in reality. Ernie's narrative and depiction of strong characters serve as a great lesson for all of us, as he tells his readers that good always triumphs over evil but not without great difficulty in the process. That process, however, will make us achieve our goals and be able to change the evils within our society.

To find out more about Ernie and his adventurous books, readers can visit:

Facebook: Ernie Moulton.

LinkedIn: Ernie Moulton.

Twitter: Ernie Moulton.

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