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Afterlife's Realm: Reflection of Grief

Death is the polar opposite of life; it is a paradox.

The spiritual is constantly moving and is not bound by time or territory. While there are many of us now alive on Earth, there have been so many more who have come before us that the overall number is roughly equivalent to the number of grains of sand on all the planet's beaches. Each of these lives was significant; they had a unique narrative to tell, and each of them is still with us today. Death wants us to remember that where we come from is more important than where we want to go. How else can we discover who we truly are?

The master has returned with two more specimens. I'm imprisoned for all eternity. "Naked. Bruised. Bloodied. Scared…. A man and a woman are thrown carelessly into my grasp. I slammed into the man, nearly knocking him out. I seize the woman and toss her onto my bed. She appears horrified. I don't see her; I don't see the life she used to have. I don't feel her pain, and I don't feel her passion. I thrust a powerful, sharp-clawed hand into her chest. Her eyes lose their radiance. I scream! I take her beating heart from her chest. Time stops. Heartbeat stops - it slowly hurts me", with the expressive eyes of the man in a cell.

At 55, David Adamson began writing through the traumatic separation from his more than 30-year wife and subsequent divorce. He had a baby son at the age of seventeen. However, the baby was transferred to the intensive care unit soon after birth due to grave complications. Spending the next 15 hours with the infant following his birth proved to be a watershed point in David's life, ultimately resulting in the publishing of Hellish 38 years later. His anguish became even more agonizing when his mother refused to allow his son's funeral. The mother's decisions were affected by personal addiction and possible illness.

David's child's death causes him to cross over into the living world during the early stages of the separation, providing him with the psychological support and aid he requires to complete the first segment of The Hellish Series. David develops a mental connection with the infant before his death due to the spirit of his son. Moreover, David was reminded that he now has the requisite life experience to fulfill his purpose and find a reason to continue living in reality.

David interprets Rick Warren's phrase "Human Beings, Not Human Doings," as the meaning of the word "being" refers to our spirituality, or the part of ourselves that houses the soul. This is the means through which we communicate with the spiritual realm. Something has been removed nearly entirely from the living to robotize our existence on Earth. A horrific deed beyond the opposing party's imagination.

Accepting that we are spiritual beings living in a dualistic environment is necessary for discovering the truth about our past. Contrary to our educated leaders' claim, no single exitance has occurred. David Adamson continues to receive visits from spirits, and he is humbled that they entrust him with the responsibility of communicating their presence to others. For him, it's a special gift that he wants to share with all of his readers that may also have the same experience as him. A traumatic memory lingers in our mind and gives a hole in our heart; however, David proves that it can also open the door to having a positive outlook in life if we strive to survive.

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