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Alice Nash’s Way: How to Stay Demure in a Dramatic Turn of Events?

We always find balance in life. It’s normal if you hear someone saying they don’t want to be ultimately happy in a particular moment because they feel that there’s unforeseen trouble coming.

Everyone has a unique way of how to deal with challenges, circumstances, and agony. It is inevitable for a person to carry a baggage of trials and tribulations nowadays. We quickly feel annoyed with the things that have a massive disparity in our beliefs. To solve our problem, we think of actions that may uplift ourselves, such as the practice of being resilient, drawing strength from others, and considering what we may gain instead of focusing on the loss.

If you are familiar with The Sound of Ripples, published three years ago, you surely know Samantha Liao, the novel’s heroine. A twenty-seven-year-old lady overtaken by a chain of events, both emotional and professional.

The author, Alice Nash, empowers the character with great attributes any woman can have. In the story, Sam hasn’t made a single twist but has been twisted by the problems along the way and sees what life can offer. She encounters tons of stress and anxiety to pursue her dreams of having a better way of life. She realizes that whatever life may bring, it made her powerful and indestructible in every decision she will make.

Even if the story is entirely fiction, we can relate to every perspective. Yes, we have a plan on how to rule our lives, but there’s always a time to encounter inappropriate scenarios that make us realize that it’s just a test, and it will help us grow; it will make us better beyond our self-reflection.

It’s like fighting our own battle. And to do that, we must master the inner world of our minds. We need to defeat the part of us telling us that we’re not good enough. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever is happening to you today has a purpose and turns you into the person you are becoming. It will empower you to create meaning from the tragedies and setbacks you experience in life.

Alice Nash teaches us to draw our attention to the bigger picture of life. Sometimes, we find too many answers out of the blue rather than seeking them. Let’s don’t exist but live in a cruel world without many misgivings.

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