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An Author's Journey of Spreading Love, Kindness, and Inspiration through Photography and Poetry

There is so much happening in the world. Pain and sadness mixed together to make us forget how beautiful the world looks. However, through art and photography, we learn to look at a different angle and have a much bigger picture of the world, and authors such as Missee Nelligan hope to contribute through her inspirational writing, poetry, and photography.

A woman full of positivity and a heart full of words, she originally wrote two books entitled "Keep Smiling" and "Aligning Hearts" which she both loved but thought to rewrite and publish them herself, prompting her to create "Don't Stop" and "Smile For You" putting together photography and words, creating something that is not only inspiring but also makes one realize the world's beauty. She believes that happiness comes from within and that we need to believe in ourselves, allow ourselves to be happy despite other people's opinions about us, and that is what would make life beautiful for each. Every one of us as each other's individuality is beautiful.

Last March, she guested and spoke at TALK OUT LOUD Australia regarding mental health awareness and shared her story. Recalling the adversities she went through in life and how she had coped, focusing on the beauty of life. Going through difficult circumstances in herself, she hopes to become an inspiration, helping others go through with their own circumstances. She hopes that her talk through TOL has not only empowered young people to get involved in activities that strengthen self-awareness and self-belief but also become an inspiration through her words and photography.

Missee not only focuses on the beauty of what she's capturing but strives to take an amazing moment where one could just feel alive. In her book "Don't Stop," she takes wonderful photos of the sun setting, of nature, the lakes that she visits, the city lights, the flowers and captures happiness through other people's expressions. She will not only take you all around the places she visits but offers a spiritual journey, where one can be at peace with every single photo that she takes. Her words, the way she writes her poems, will make you nostalgic and leave you wanting to experience such beauty and, for a moment, make you forget the current state of the world.

"Smile For You" offers such heart-warming photos with touching words that will make a reader want to spread a smile to everyone. Missee takes a different approach in this book as she took photos of the smallest things that could make someone smile and will not only leave you wanting to see more but inspires you to breathe and just listen, observe and see how beautiful the world is, in a world that seems to go too fast.

Missee's photography and writing speaks of kindness, one that cannot only make a difference in someone's life but also make you feel the warmth and comfortable feeling of being loved. Her photography will take you back to the time when you were a child, and her writing will leave you wanting a life that has a purpose, to spread kindness and love to everything that surrounds you. She encourages the readers to be a big-hearted person like her, one that is not afraid to accept, to look at things in a positive way.

To know more about Missee Nelligan and her incredible work, you can follow her on her social media accounts (FB, Instagram, and Twitter): @BLUEYESMISTY or visit her website

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