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An Escape from Reality: The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 2

As chaos and madness ravage the new normal world after the pandemic, we are left trying to find ways to escape such a mess. Some may turn to television, social media, or maybe take a vacation, but the most effective way is by reading a book. A fantasy book that will take you to a different world and show you what an adventure of a lifetime looks like. In his quest to complete an amazing trilogy, author Fergal Joe will offer a new world of fantasy.

Released in 2021, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom: Protectors of Weapons is the second installment of the Golden Eagle series. The story continues as we now follow Thousand Boil as he meets The Black Knight with everyone in the underworld heads off to Africa to find the weapons buried in a mountain called "Mount Kina." Rhymes Ramose has not yet been defeated, and his army has now come to earth to start taking out the human race. In their journey, they meet a prince called Prince Indiana Jones, a descendant of King Dave Jones. Upon their arrival, they meet two giants by the name of Big-foot and Horses-ash, the keeper of the gates and the protector of the weapons. A war breaks out as Thousand Boil's army walks into the mountain, and the adventure starts.

Author Fergal Joe was born in October 1975. A quiet and shy man who likes to enjoy his weekends by socializing and meeting new people everywhere he goes. He started a career on computers and picture framing first but pursued his passion for writing to share the stories that he has in his mind. The main inspiration for the book came from his love of his favorite T.V. programs such as Buffy, Angle, and the X-files. He was also heavily influenced by iconic movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. With that being said, he has also gotten some influence from fantasy books such as Harry Potter and Hercules.

Although suffering from dyslexia, he never stopped pursuing his dream of writing stories to tell people. His first book, The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom: Rising of The Souls, proved to be quite an adventure of its own accord. Now Fergal Joe is back with another masterpiece to provide an escape to those who might be in quarantine or just to find entertainment in a world full of other distractions. The book's simple format helps the readers easily immerse themselves in the character's story and background. Fergal Joe goes into great detail, illustrating a world that is full of wars that make humanity and how they have succeeded against all evil. With that being said, each turn of the page offers a completely different twist that will have you hooked on the character's dialogues and words.

Come for an adventure with The Golden Eagle and The Fiddle of Doom 2: Protector of the Weapons.

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