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An Extraterrestrial Adventure: Mikkee the Martian by Peter Locke

Earth can be boring sometimes. Same old nature adventure, theme parks, and recreational activities. But what if an extraterrestrial creature comes on earth to ask you to come on a different kind of adventure? Peter Locke shows us the possibility of an enthralling adventure of a lifetime.

Peter Locke’s book series entitled: Mikkee the Martian offers the kind of adventure that’s only experienced in dreams. The book series is expanded into seven books where it follows Mikkee the Martian and the twins: Billy and Jilly Watson, where they go into different places for unknown adventures. Readers will be fascinated by the vast world that Locke would take them into. In one, Mikkee and the twins go to a haunted place where they meet a ghost that they befriend. In another, they go to a fair where they encounter an escaped lion. In just 27 pages, the book never falls short of surprises!

Stories such as Mikkee the Martian remind us that childhood can be fun, especially when our imagination prompts it. Kids of all ages can enjoy this mini-series that will pique their excitement in more ways than one. Locke’s an avid reader himself and made sure that all the books in the series are filled with illustrations and narrative that perfectly describe what its like to be on a rollercoaster of an adventure with an extraterrestrial creature. More than the escapade, Locke encourages the readers to seek friendships beyond imagination and that these friendships will, in turn, bring us great things.

The simple narrative of each book can make kids and parents easily immerse into the book and be in awe of Mikkee’s powers that help solve problems, fix conflicts, and make it possible for them to capture escaped lions and even criminals paranormal. In a time where chaos seems to trump over peace, this book series can be a perfect escape for children whose only companion over the past year is their mobile phones. Submerging themselves in books such as Locke’s masterpiece will make them realize what a wonderful world there is outside of their phones. Furthermore, the series can be a reminder that something awaits us in a world such as ours.

An extraterrestrial adventure not only illustrates the importance of exploration but also highlights the significance of socialization for children. Mikkee might be a fictional character, but he sure is more than just an alien. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the series and relive childhood memories of exciting times wherein nothing doesn’t matter but sticks, stones, and pretend roles.

The diverse characters and world that Locke presents are fictional for sure, but it does take the readers on a journey of a lifetime. Where one would not be afraid of surprises, may it be paranormal, extraterrestrial, or even haunted houses, tv studios, and even castles full of medieval artifacts!

Be one with Mikkee the Martian, Billy, and Jilly in an adventure that will last a lifetime in Peter Locke’s Mikkee the Martian series.

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