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An Odyssey of Escaping a Loveless Marriage and Finding One's True Soulmate

Does love truly know no bounds? Judith Cooper is trapped within a loveless marriage and lives with a broken heart, existing in misery and anguish day after day. But when her heart realizes her feelings for a longtime friend, she is faced with a choice. To continue her current existence, an unending prison of anguish that is her marriage life, or break from this pattern and risk it all for a chance at true love. Thus unfolds Jeanette McAdoo's novel, "My True Love."

An unhappy marriage can wear down the soul, years of passionless existence with someone one feels nothing for, a partner who is uncaring or perhaps even abusive. Yet, for many, the pattern continues for the rest of their days, as the familiarity becomes seemingly inescapable. To try something new, to break from this pattern and take a risk, to search for what the loved one actually deserves... can become inconceivable to many of these trapped souls. And this is why McAdoo's work resonates because her story proclaims that better things are indeed possible, that the potential for happiness is worth it, and that one can seize this opportunity by taking a leap of faith and freeing one's self from a loveless and soul-numbing routine.

This is even more relevant with current events, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put a lot of strain on marriages. According to the BBC, the pandemic is causing a spike in breakups and divorces as many couples who find themselves confined with each other become fed up with the state of their relationships and various shortcomings, ultimately deciding to separate and seek better lives free from one another.

McAdoo also inserts elements of her personal life into her work. In her own words: "This book is listed as fiction but there are true happenings based on my life with my friend who I dedicated the book to his memory. He was the reason I wrote this book."

With her work, she hopes to give readers an emotionally rousing experience that will also inspire them to seek out what they truly deserve, to avoid putting up with unfortunate or less than ideal circumstances. She encourages them to have the audacity to dream of better lives and to pursue their visions. This can take the form of seeking one's soulmate, as in McAdoo's story, or other types of life pursuits. For finding that special person that one truly loves can only happen if the individual loves themselves enough to believe that they deserve to be with their soulmate. Only then can one take that leap of faith and dare to pursue a better life with the right person. At the same time, McAdoo also cautions them on the perils of holding out for too long - life is short, there's a limited window for finding happiness. Those who wait too long might miss their shot.

"My True Love" is dedicated to the author's friend who passed away; thus, McAdoo is donating 100% of her royalties to the American Heart Association.

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