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An Unusual Deep Love of a Woman for Materialistic Assets in The Gorgeous Mr. Zane

There is no denying that two essential elements that govern a person's life are finances and romance. The story of The Gorgeous Mr. Zane is from the perspective of a woman who lived in Brexit. Varied elements of the protagonist's life are beautifully combined, reflecting how life is inflected by love and money.

The story's protagonist is an unnamed woman who derives more pleasure from her material assets than her lovers. Her story begins with her love Mr. Zane, and her sexual adventures with him are portrayed briefly in the narrative of a schoolgirl. She also explains a few details of her affair with Zane but emphasizes the grocery lists, which are lavishly described in the book. She mentions the cost of meat, the elements of her cupboard, etc. Weight gain and loss are also meticulously detailed.

The woman's attachment depicts that Mr. Zane is not someone she loves and views him as an economic asset. The book is concise and rips through several years of the life of the main character.

The book is believed to portray the character's feelings correctly, but the moment of introspection is missing from the narrative. The woman is seen to go to considerable lengths to protect her comfort. It shows that she is somewhat insecure and is scared to lose her assets. Mr. Zane, on the other hand, has a strange sense of timelessness.

Love is valued in this book in the only sense that it is believed to connect the main character to various symbols of status.

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