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Anthony Parran, The Soldier Who Write Stories

The call of duty, valor, and peace brings motivation in a soldier to be victorious in battle. War offers soldiers a raw life of terrifying adrenaline rush and intense discipline on a daily basis. Accepting the fate of being a soldier is like jumping on the edge of the cliff knowing you don’t have a parachute to save you from falling hard. Expect all kinds of sacrifice and pain you will endure in this life. Despite the hardship and death being at your side, many young men still want to serve in the military as it has one of the greatest prestige -that is becoming a hero and leaving a remarkable legacy in the world. They can save the dark history that leaves an impact on the people’s lifetime for the future’s sake. 

Have you heard of a soldier that become an author? Soldiers usually want to hold guns or grenades rather than a pen or typewriter. It is not common for a soldier publishing his own book about his life story yet this one author made it happen. The usual drill to publish a book about war memoirs and a soldier’s true story is through extensive research or an actual interview with a veteran soldier.

What is interesting about the author is he is able to write his exact personal life experiences being a soldier and brave enough still to publish it. This person believes that it is possible to share his story being a soldier to inspire other people and to elevate the appreciation of the constituents to the job they thought that is only about killings. In the year 2010, the author decided to publish his first book about his war memoirs. The books are categorized in the non-fiction genre. The title of the books are Chasing Amanda’s Trail, Chasing Roxanne, Chasing Smokey, the Bandit, and the Chinaman and Chasing Barret’s fifty: A Book of Fiction

As an author, he explained honestly that all the stories from the books he published are about his personal experience in his life being a Vietnam Veteran having served in Thailand. He is also a holder of US and Canadian pilot license and built two aircraft and an Ultralight. The reason why one of his books focuses more on the life of an Army Pilot. In the book Chasing Roxanne, it highlights the bringing together of two unlikely heroes who will make sense well about the spirit of brotherhood in the military. They are Captain Richard Washington a.k.a. Hannibal (USA Air Force) and Jerome Travis a.k.a JT (US Army Specialist). Aside from the ability to combat and give glory to the country, the life of a soldier reveals the power of brotherhood and selfless sense of purpose. It is one interesting thing on the writer’s stories of a soldier’s memoirs. 

One book reviewer named M.L. Matthews gave good ratings for this book. He mentioned that the book is intriguing, full of suspense and drama. It captures the interest of a civilian not familiar with war. It enthuses curiosity of what might have or could have happened during and after the Vietnam War. It moves the heart of the reader that led the author to create more sequel of the book. This only proves a soldier’s life is worth publishing making it inspiration and tribute to the nation.  As the author behind these books did, his name is Anthony Parran, the solider who writes stories.

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