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Art Appreciation and Creativity for the Young Minds

A rush of creativity sparks excitement and enjoyment to students learning arts in school. As a subject, arts are believed to be important as major academic subjects like Math and Sciences. Through learning the Arts as a discipline, the student develops creativity, resilience, and a growth mindset in mastering the craft.

Teaching Arts for young students is challenging and life-changing at the same time. Moreover, embracing the challenge of teaching the craft and discipline of Arts begins an exciting learning process and connection for both the teacher and student. Having the gift of creative expression is a thing that must be shared in the world – especially in the generation we have today.

William H. Christ, Jr. had his ways of reaching out to more children to love arts for self-expression, imagination, and creativity by publishing children's books. As an experienced art teacher, he was inspired by working with young people. Through children's eyes, the world sight is in a kaleidoscope – full of colors and zest! Nothing is comparable to teachers' desire to give more than enough to students who love learning in school and life. From that experience, he decided to be an educational author. In this way, more than the children he met in the classroom, this is also an opportunity to reach other young readers to be inspired by stories about art appreciation, art history, and artist memoir of childhood. He has published four children's books for young elementary student readers and three novels for adults. You can see his works on his website:

William H. Christ, Jr. Children Books

. LITTLE BOW (For Pre-Kinder to 2nd Grade)

Little Bows adventure of exploration delights children of all ages. This story helps young learners to look for and identify different colored items. When colors are joined together, it shows unity and diversity in our world.

. ELOP'S STORY (For 3rd Grade and Above)

Elop is a curious young boy. He and his family are part of a nomadic clan. They live during the last Ice Age in Europe, more than ten thousand years ago. His parents and family members are hunters and gatherers. They move around their frozen landscapes, seeking food, clothing, and shelter.


He was discovering a love for arts in childhood. Jeffrey began COLLECTING items, started BUILDING plastic & wood models, MAKING PUPPETS, and put on puppet shows for his neighborhood's children. He began taking ART LESSONS from a Professional Artist and started PIANO LESSONS at his school.

. IMAGINE THAT (For 5th Grade and Above)

"Imagine That!" is a fictional short story that takes place in 1993 and uses simple "Low Tech" ways and fun illustrations. This story introduces today's students to a DOS-based cartoon character named "CD Backslash," who lives inside a PC!

What made these books more special and outstanding is having original stories and illustrations. When not in school, the author spends his time being creative in writing books. He was never influenced by other writers because he has no time to read other books and was busy creating more arts at work. His experience of teaching Arts subjects – on the lesson plan, art and crafts, coloring activities, designs, art history, and artists is his basis for writing the books. It also helped him develop story ideas for the children's books that make it more relatable to young students.

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