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Art is Forever

A man painting

Art has a long lifespan and can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about art? There are different forms of artistic expression, including paintings, sculptures, inventions, music, literature, and poetry.

An artist has been revived because of the pandemic. Dr. William Clark who specializes in Orthodontics, came up with an idea to look back at his artworks because he couldn’t do much during the Covid-19 case. His art, paintings, and poems are now combined in his book entitled “New Horizons in Life, Art, and Poetry.”

Even though many years have passed since the creation of his artwork, it is still an incredible piece that the artist himself acknowledges has the potential to be a treasure. Creating art typically takes a significant amount of time because it demands hard work, consistency, and passion. They say that an artist can appreciate art more than a normal person can when they are looking at the physical form of the work. They will peek into art deeply like it is being studied in its details.

Dr. William Clark

Even his work in orthodontics can be considered an art; the things that Dr. William does to offer his patients beautiful smiles and the confidence to smile more often can be considered an art form in and of itself. His unwavering commitment to helping others is a work of art, and those whom he helped in regaining their brightest smile will always be grateful to him for it.

Art is everywhere, but every one of us sees it from a little different perspective. Simply said, this demonstrates that we humans are diverse individuals with our own set of strengths and weaknesses. The only way we're going to overcome our shortcomings is if we work to make them our strengths.

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