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Art of a Lifetime: The Raffaello's Huge Impact

Do you ever encounter an artist that truly changes your life in a way you would never expect? Carla De Petris did. A lot of people did.

Art comes in various forms, such as painting, writing, music, dancing, etc. Come to picture a particular scene in yours, when you are feeling down, troubled, and lost; and while on that crashing situation, you suddenly come across to a piece of music that somehow mirrors your situation. For that reason, you realize that, however challenging your circumstance is, you’re not alone. Art is like our mirror. What we see to it is also the reflection of ourselves.  Carla De Petris dedicated her life to the works of Raffaello throughout the years. She wrote books related to him and published a blog focusing on him. For her, it is essential that the world recognized more Raffaello’s fascinating artworks, for it positively contributes huge things to churches and the art community. Sometimes, we believe that it’s always the creation that holds the most impact on life. But the truth is, there’s no creation without the creator. With simple support that we could offer to those who made a difference to our lives, we must continue it even their lives come to an end. It might be a wonder how Carla De Petris still strives harder to expose to the world about Raffaello’s historical works despite the fact he’s dead for a long time. Carla expressed her most profound respect for Raffaello that she is doing her best to revive his books and be recognized as one of the best artists that ever lived. Some will not understand how a person can  be so intensely passionate about this unless they experienced what it’s like to acquire a new life because of an artist.  In a sense, Carla De Petris is just like one of us. It is always a good thing that we do not forget easily those who have done us right, and the best thing is it never ends. When their works stick with us, it is impossible to detach from them. On the other hand, art does not always mean the aesthetic melody, portrait, and other things we used to know. It can also be the art of friendship, parenting, and relationship with other people. As mentioned above, art comes from various forms.  When the art of friendship gets better day by day, it is tough to imagine a day without them. Even the art of parenting, which our parents executed, some can be good, and some can be bad, but the thing is, it sticks with us. Like Raffaello’s art, it touched and dwells to Carla De Petris that her life is still so into it even at the end of the day. Why? Because they are fillers in our hole. No matter how much we believed to the mantra:

“Only you can make yourself whole again.” “We can never fool ourselves at the fact that each day is passing by.” “We occupy them with our responsibilities and hobbies in life.”

There’s only one artist behind an exceptional art, and to embrace its impact until the end of our days is a real noble thing to do. With respect you offer to it, the art did not only provides you air to breathe, but you also bring life into it.

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