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Art Remedies: Is it still relevant today?

Many people believe that art is only for the elite. However, Carla Nicole De Petris, author of Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello, proved to many people that art is for everyone. However, we all know that lots of wealthy people spend money on portraits and other artistic creations for some reason. Some people think that having much money is enough to have the title of wealth without exceptional assets; therefore, they invest a lot of money. While some find it therapeutic to have a huge portrait hanging on the wall. With Carla De Petris, you will be able to see the genuine essence of art and how it gives healing in a natural and intangible way.

Raffaello fascinates Carla De Petris so much that she even published a book about him. She also actively engages with Raffaello's activities and events, which shows constant support and loyalty to the artist. It is overwhelming to witness a person who still offers the best effort to support an artist, without even asking for a wage. Indeed, this is out of passion and what we call the effect of art remedy. While art won't have the capability to heal your physical wound, it certainly will heal your bruises inside. Like Carla De Petris, you will also acquire healing through it.

Firmly, art will fill the vacuum in you. It will remind you of the beauty in life, regardless of how our earth turned out. Most significantly, it will reveal to you the richness of our history. Although the past should be buried well to prevent its meddling effect on our present situation, art will continue to defy. Additionally, arts have a great soothing effect that will undoubtedly calm your senses, which is best in gaining clarity of mind. One best thing we can learn from Carla De Petris is regardless of the generation, art remedy is still relevant today. We can still find healing through art, even though many youths find it endearing and entertaining to trend with all the stuff pieces. However, this reason only proves that people like Carla De Petris have a great purpose in this world because they continue to promote ancient arts and affect others to view art in-depth, not only as mere decoration on walls. Indeed, art offers meaningful beauty in this world and beneficial healing of the soul, heart, and mind.

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