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Attaining Spiritual Actualization In These Times

The latest edition of Frank Daversa's bestseller is a further refinement of the author's sage advice on how to go beyond surviving the daily grind of the modern world to rise above life's challenges and attain higher levels of personal and spiritual actualization. Daversa shares lessons of "Spirituality in the 21st Century," "Lessons for Inner Peace and Personal Growth."

Daversa is acutely aware of the pressures the modern world exerts on individuals, from work and career pressures that compromise one's more holistic personal and social development to the hazards of the Information Age where mistruths and falsehoods can outpace verified information as well as the bombardment of negative information, to unprecedented crises such as economic upheavals and global pandemics. Needless to say, many individuals find themselves lost, and Daversa is there to extend a helping hand for them. His book is for those wondering how they will continue their existence, who are uncertain of what lies next for them in their lives, and apprehensive of what's coming in their futures. He gives six reasons to focus on spiritual growth, showing how cultivating spirituality can bolster one's resilience, enhance family ties, facilitate character growth and help one prepare for progress in life despite its adversities.

"Spirituality in the 21st Century" is replete with useful advice on how to cultivate and practice spirituality in one's life in order to grow personally and find fulfillment. Daversa shows the benefit of having an improved understanding of different spiritual views and God. He shows how interpersonal relationships can be improved by developing spirituality, especially in becoming a productive member of society. He shows how one's spiritual journey can connect to broad issues such as politics and the environment.

Daversa's lessons are derived from what he learned from his own journey, beginning as an agnostic for two decades before he shifted his perspective and restored his faith after surviving a serious illness. Now he aims to transform people's lives by sharing his realizations. From applying spirituality to daily life to drawing from one's faith in order to pursue social causes, Daversa illustrates how faith and spiritual growth are relevant in this era.

Daversa draws from a variety of inspirations from his deep personal faith in God and Christ to influential personalities such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Through their examples and his own accrued experience and insights, he charts the path of spirituality from an individualized process to a way of life that is tied to wider societal roles. Most importantly, he shows individuals "how to live and thrive in an increasingly materialistic world."

About the Author

Frank P. Daversa has authored several books and interviews with spiritual community members, communicating with his peers to share new and revolutionary ways to live and thrive in the modern world while simultaneously maintaining their spirituality. He worked for 14 years in the corporate world before pursuing his writing career in 2007.

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