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Attitude Capital: Reach the highest peak

Is there a definite formula for success? How could we ensure success? How do we get to the top?

For Marc Lamont, the author of "The Power of Attitude Capital," a sure way to succeed is to have a high Attitude Capital.

In his book, Lamont shared his formula to achieve success, the right Attitude Capital. In business, it is important to invest in things that would ensure a higher rate of success. Attitude Capital is more important than skills, expertise, and talent because the right attitude could lead to success not just for the individual but for a whole company.

For Lamont, business is like mountain climbing, business is exciting and adventurous, but business is also demanding. Businesses need careful planning and preparation to ensure success because one wrong decision could cause the whole activity/operation to fail. They need careful planning and preparation to ensure success because one wrong decision could cause the whole activity/operation to fail. Lamont has been using the principles he learned from mountain climbing on his strategies in business. For him, the right attitude could make or break your venture.

According to him, one thing that could easily kill your motivation and dampen the spirit is negativism. You need to have a positive attitude to deflect any negative thoughts and have the confidence to succeed and persevere no matter what obstacles you face. He also clears that having a positive attitude does not have anything to do with optimism. Optimism could only offer hope, while positivism would make you look at the silver lining, the beauty, despite any challenge, even in the most difficult or darkest moments.

However, obstacles in mountain climbing are inevitable, and they could mean life or death. You may need to exert every ounce of strength to overcome, but once you have, it will be an outstanding achievement, and it could be a beneficial lesson for other obstacles to come. No matter how well you prepared and planned, everything could go wrong in just a blink of an eye. The secret is to have the right attitude; no matter how many roadblocks and obstructions you face, you have to stay positive, don't give up.

This is where intense perseverance would play a vital role. There will come a time that you will face a problem that will seem too impossible to overcome. A problem that is too stubborn or too difficult. Lamont explains that it is important to be determined when faced with setbacks, especially when you're at the lowest point of your journey. You have to be more stubborn than your problems. Doing something half-hearted and full of doubt would lead to failure because the odds are very high that you will eventually give up. Keep in mind that winners always finish the race, and you will not see the end of the line if you give up.

It is also important to keep in mind that the way to the top should never be lonely. Whether you're a member or a leader, it is best to reach your team's goal. There are different types of leaders, and one has to be flexible because it will depend on the situation what type of leader is needed. The leader's role will be crucial, and the leader must understand Attitude Capital as well as how to harness it in his team. A leader must know how to succeed by pushing his team for their success. A good leader and member does not drag down the team but pushes the team to achieve its optimum. It is easier to overcome obstacles when you're in a group because you will think of every possible solution.

Having Marc Lamont's book is a life-changer. It is like having a personal coach on your bedside table. It will change the way you look at things. It will teach you how to be resilient, be positive, and be successful.

Listen to this successful Belgian Business Author, Marc Lamont's Radio Interview with an award-winning National Broadcast Personality, Kate Delaney.

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