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Based on a True to Life Story of a Woman Who Had To Overcome it All

"I see a different person, who does not let people walk all over her, stand over her, have power over her. No one has that right. The power is yours." - Anttonia Barten, author of the book Bohemian Daughter’s Family Quest.

We all have different stories to tell - the unforeseen truth, the obstacles that became a barrier in our life, and the behind-the-scenes of the experiences that we went through. There are challenges in our life that made us resilient to whatever circumstances life may bring us. In reality, there are struggles that we had to overcome alone and the tears that we have to wipe on our own. People usually question their purpose and put up a facade to feel even a slight touch of happiness within their soul. So what story shaped you to become the person that you are now?

Anttonia Barten is the author of the book Bohemian Daughter’s Family Quest. The true-to-life story of the traumatic experiences she had to undergo has encouraged the author to share her story with the world. A tragic past did not stop her from hoping and achieving her dreams. Despite the frightening thought that the book is part of her personal life, Anttonia knew that deep in her heart, she wanted her book to help thousands of people. She hoped that her book would inspire people dealing with the same situation that she has experienced.

Anttonia Barten is born in Prague, Bohemia, the Czech Republic in 1959. When she was nine years old, she was taken by her mother and stepfather to Australia without her biological father knowing. At a young age, she already faced life hardships that she had to overcome alone. Anttonia was a 9-year-old child as a refugee in a strange country. All on her own, she knew that she needed to find her biological father of whom she dearly loves. Living in a new country and being a prisoner in an oppressive and abusive home environment caused traumatic memories in her life.

The encouragement of her friends, family, and colleagues gave her the strength to write the book Bohemian Daughter’s Family Quest. Through her book, she would like to broaden people's perception and knowledge of Prague, Bohemia - the beauty and scenery that this place holds. The book also contains the tragic story of being taken away from her beloved home Prague when it was invaded and occupied by the Russians in 1968.

"Never give up on your dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals. Sometimes it takes a long time, and sometimes it comes quickly. Always focus on what you want to achieve. Do not let people sway you from what you want to achieve." - Anttonia Barten.

Anttonia Barten is a married woman and has twin children, a boy, and a girl. Although she has experienced some distressing and dark times, she also encountered some fantastic times and great joy in her life that she will forever be thankful for. Anttonia always calls upon her faith and believed that there is a higher power that will support and guide you on your journey. A humble personality has always been part of the author even with all the achievements that she has now.

The author has never considered herself artistic, although she loves books, theatre, opera, museums, art galleries, fine art, and sculptures. Anttonia always believed that writing is a form of art and has high respect for it. One of the greatest passions in her life is traveling. She believes that traveling is essential and enjoyable because traveling broadens your horizons and shows you the beautiful countries of the world.

The book Bohemian Daughter’s Family Quest contains topics close to her heart; the homeless, displaced, refugee people, especially children. She is willing to support a charity as it is connected to her life since she was young. It will always be an important aspect of her life that has shaped her to become the person she is now.

If you are looking for a life-changing book based on a true-to-life story of life struggles, the painful and traumatic experiences of a woman who had to overcome it all, the book Bohemian Daughter’s Family Quest written by Anttonia Barten is a book for you!

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