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"Be My Follower" - What Does It Really Mean?

In this digital world where fame is encouraged, many people, such as celebrities, leaders, or athletes have become known and highly appreciated. In the form of social media, a very famous celebrity could gain millions of views when posting a photo or a video. For that reason, a single person can have millions of followers.

Billions of people have been following one or more people based on their interests and likes. Sadly, none of these famous personalities truly care or even know all their followers.

But, this one person, who sacrificed his life for ‘people of all generations,’ said: “Be my follower,” yet only a few choose to follow him, and fewer followed him correctly and closely. He is Jesus Christ. Why should you follow Christ? What does it take to be his follower?

The answer to the first question is simple! A person becomes an ultimate fan of a celebrity because they were amazed; they know and understand that celebrities’ lives then voluntarily became followers. That same reason could also apply and motivate a person to follow Christ – getting to know him and understanding him.

But, what does it take to be his follower? Bernie Brennan, in her book Walking with Jesus, mentioned three steps to do just that. (1) take the whole word of God and meditate on everything that is written, (2) daily living by the written word of God, and (3) through submission and surrender from your will.

As you do this, “you will gladly go wherever He needs you.” You will be a proud follower of Christ.

If you accept Christ personally, what can you expect? You will receive the promised life! Bernie added in her book, “for each of us must work out our own salvation, nobody else can do it no matter what the proclaim or walk-in, everyone must have their own understanding of who Jesus is.”

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