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Beating the Beast for Hopes in the Beauty of Post Pandemic

The new normal is undoubtedly a big challenge for us. As we adhere to social distancing protocols and other safety measures, it also tests our mental health while dealing with all of this. A strong support system and strategic approach are must-haves to overcome dealing with the inevitable new in front of us.

The book, Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr, written by Carl Anderson, portrays playwright in dealing with the Beast inside us. Influenced by Jacques Derrida's theory, it gives a picture of how humans should engage in all the beasts we encounter in life. We don't take it literally as the Beast. Think about it within yourself. Is there anything that triggers the Beast inside you? It has something to do with what makes you rage and disorient the balance of your emotions. The question now here is how to beat it.

According to the poll conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, half of the respondents felt the pandemic is harming their mental health – it is also reflected in the world's results. The factors that contribute to this are stress in social isolation, anxiety due to the uncurable yet virus, and financial insecurities. As it prolongs the fear, these become the invisible Beast we carry during this pandemic. Yes, it is inevitable. Believe that we shall overcome it as well. There are strategies to help counteract these reactions we have.

Change your focus

You can break the cycle of thinking by focusing on something that adds meaning and purpose to your life. Working on a particular project or goal, even a small one, can break those beastly thoughts brought to you by this pandemic.

Connect with Others

During this time, it is important to strive for more than just a surface connection. You need to establish a deeper connection with your loved ones. They need comfort and security, too, like you.

Adopt Healthy Habits

Having a healthier daily routine will make you feel better and relieve the symptom of depression.

This will come to an end, too, at the right time. Better prepare for the brightness and beauty of the post-pandemic era. Meanwhile, read the book Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr. Here you will appreciate how social issues and self-introspection unravel through a script of a theatre play. As a writer, Carl Anderson believes that art and literature are essential to everybody's justice – of any kind. Indulge in the book is surely worth your time.

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