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Beeble's Story: The Importance of Animal Fiction

Stories play a huge role in our lives.

A lot of beautiful things happen to our brains when we read. Reading allows the mind to wander in places you couldn't otherwise visit. Stories can widen the readers' horizons, expanding their creativity and knowledge. The mind is also good at associating words with real-life experience. Therefore, those who tend to read more can understand people, situations, and concepts far better than those who don't read much.

Books allow us to learn from the things that never even happened to us. They bring us to strange lands, unworldly dimensions, and complicated situations. Stories allow us to experience what other characters see and feel. More importantly, they let us peek into the eyes of other people – and even animals.

A great example of how fiction can help us understand the world and develop empathy for others can be found in Jill Cawsey's Beeble's Story. It's a tale of family, love, friendship, and adventure. The whole Story was told through the eyes of Beeble, who is a horse. He is one of the twins and happily shares his past, present, and future with his beloved brother, Praze. His Story highlights strength, courage, and compassion, which are a part of every living creature's life on planet Earth – from horses to humans and everything in between.

In animal fiction, the world is seen through a unique pair of eyes. Sometimes, animal stories can be much more exciting because of unconventional situations that authors can create. Animal fiction can help us understand and respect the world around us, especially animals and nature.

Cawsey's book can give us a perspective on how we should view other living creatures on this planet. Her Story supports and encourages positive animal welfare all over the world. Beeble's Story shows that animals are sentient beings, and we should respect them.

In Jill's own words, "Humans must share this world with the animals as they have just as much right to be here."


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