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BEHIND CLOSED DOORS“Framden Follies” by Viki Ross

Folly, a term that means lacking good sense or being foolish, it's not a phrase you would describe a person of high regard. Instead, being strict, unyielding, tenacious, and with discipline – these are just some of the words that pop in our heads as we envision the attitudes of a public servant. In the simplest sense, they are the people responsible for developing programs for the community and providing statistically accurate data that will relay to leaders of the said community.

It is not uncommon for the average person to be curious about the private life of these people. What could be exciting in the private life of public servants? For all we know, they harbor dark secrets and obsessions beyond the human imagination.

“Framden Follies” is a light-hearted thriller book loosely based on the author's personal experiences, Viki Ross, as a London Councillor and community worker. In the story, the author pretends to be a clever political operator, who often becomes unstuck and needs to be rescued by female friends. Although this piece enjoys a considerable amount of erotic confrontations, the author mostly wanted to emphasize the underlying dilemmas that public servants often face, the need to resolve the conflict between corporate requirements, pressure from the community, and their conscience to their set of values.

The author's sentiment is that “Framden Follies” will provide a greater understanding of the pressures that public servants at the local level under work. Above all else, Ross wants people to enjoy the story, appreciate and connect in some way with the characters in the book.

About the author: The author chose to write under the androgynous pen name, Viki Ross, to not undermine their current community work and cast a shadow on their previous work. Ross is a British citizen of Eastern European extraction born in London in 1946, with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, at Sussex University. Ross was always a public figure with a knack for writing, mainly in their native language. While in university, Ross had been the Secretary of the Students Union and at the same time the editor of an East European students' magazine. They have been writing newspaper columns for many years in East European languages and English published in book form thrice.

The author was employed as an export manager in a shipping company that obligated them to move to Ipswich in Suffolk. Ross became the chairman of the residents' association and later elected to the Ipswich Council. They stood for parliament in another Suffolk town and a year later was a candidate for the European Parliament, but on each occasion was unsuccessful.

When Ross moved back to London, they continued with community work for East European migrants. They ran very effective campaigns, including parliamentary lobbying and demonstrations against Communist rule in Eastern Europe, particularly against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the imposition of martial law in Poland. Ross was also active in campaigning to abolish UK visas for Eastern European citizens and speak at large demonstrations against Britain leaving the European Union.

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