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Behind the Mystery of The False Created Self

The word 'Self' in its logical meaning is considered "a person's essential being that distinguishes them from others." It is the form of our being that we are in control of. But not all people are fully aware of what they are capable of doing. People tend to have a false created self that is limiting them from attaining a meaningful life.

Richard Choura, in his book, Enrichment of the Self And Soul, teaches us the outside description of our self. It explains to us the deeper understanding of the self and that it doesn't just revolve around our ego or personality; it also plays a big part in prospering and reaching high achievements in life. It is a book that can radically change the lives of its readers for the better if we can harness the power of self by combining spiritual and artistic vision, culture, science, and sacredness to make our life more meaningful. For those people who are in the shadows and have been helpless because of this COVID-19 pandemic, Enrichment of the Self And Soul is a book that will give you answers that will satisfy your self and soul. It is a book that will renew and enhance our life.

Richard Choura was inspired to write this book because he knew that many people are unaware of their purpose in life. Many are lost within their path because they are not knowledgeable enough of the importance of spiritual growth. Richard wanted to give the readers an enriched self and soul that can help them find a deeper, more satisfying meaning in life. It is one of the few books that will explain and reveal to us the mystery which we would ordinarily miss - detailed pieces of information that affect our self. Through this, we could use it to better our life, our meaning and get a better spirituality.

Enrichment of the Self And Soul broadens our hearts and minds that the overwhelming emotions within us shouldn't stop us from finding meaning in our life. It teaches us not to punish ourselves for thinking that we are unworthy just because we feel lonely, anxious, or depressed. This book gives us solutions to this problem - a new way to connect spiritual and intellectual vision with culture, science, sacredness, and cosmic vision. It will allow some pathways for us to become higher achievers. Enrichment of the Self And Soul is a book recommended for our everyday life.

About the author, Richard Choura was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He is married to Patricia Blackett, an artist, for the last twenty years and has two sons. He attended various universities and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. He later pursued graduate courses at the University of Hartford and the University of New Haven and attained the status of Professional Engineer. He also worked as a consulting engineer for many well-known consulting engineering firms and Fortune 500 companies in many states. His achievements continued as he is also a four-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served as a U.S. Air Traffic Controller for three years at Bangor, Maine which is now an international airport.

Richard Choura has always loved to write topics about self, spirituality, aesthetics, science, philosophy, and literature. His well-written book Enrichment of the Self And Soul took him six years to write and definitely serves its great purpose that will change the lives of its readers.

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