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What happens to us after we die? What are the consequences of a person’s death, and how does this affect the people close to us? All around the world, there are many religions with various traditions and beliefs about the demise of a person and the possibility of a life beyond this life because, as it is, human beings are curious by nature, and the concept of being nothing after death is an overwhelming thought for most of us. The ties we have to this world, and the significance of our affection towards persons and objects are justifiable because we invest our time and effort into these things.

Religion always played a big part in the complex view of the purpose of humans on this Earth, their morality. How it is tied to one’s sexual orientation, topics regarding carnal desires and its practices have always been dubbed as ‘controversial.’ But what is love if not being self-giving, truthful and unconditional; love transcends gender.

How should one understand what is real and what is not when the person in question is in constant war with himself and the unknown forces that plague his life? Thoughts on morality and consent, gender identity, heaven, hell, and even Earth encompasses the journey of Daniel as we look into his journal entries in Thomas-Ian Nadeau’s introspective autobiography ‘My Embodiment as a Broken Record.’

The autobiography reflects the author’s personal life and past experiences with issues concerning mental illness, which discusses schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism. With this book being his debut composition, he lets the reader take off on a voyage into his being and understanding the importance of consent and morality is for a person. An unprinted note from the author reads, “Drowned by the knowledge of a pedophile father and pederastry. A fine and flick piece of work”.

‘My Embodiment as a Broken Record’ by Thomas-Ian Nadeau is available for purchase at Kindle on Amazon, both in hardcover and paperback editions.

About the author: Thomas-Ian Nadeau was raised on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who later moved to the big city itself in his adolescence. Ever since he was young, he suffered from mental health complications and grew up living between group homes, foster homes, and hospitalization. Before this book, he had two other longer stories but eventually discarded them as they were not fit for publication.

In three years, he worked hard on this autobiography while struggling with his own mental health due to him stopping his medication intake and starting it again. Finally, when he was back together again, he organized this story. Thomas-Ian is now twenty-four and is hoping to go back to school in the indefinite future.

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