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Betsyboo's Book: Ultimate Guide When You Currently Search The True Meaning of Life

When we were kids, we just appreciated the joy of our childhood—blindly following our siblings and doing what they did, trying to catch those fascinating water bubbles, petting a fluffy puppy, etc. But as soon as we grow older, there comes a time that we have many questions about our lives. Why do we live? What's our purpose here on Earth? What is the true meaning of life?

We always think that life is an adventure. We still don't know where we are going, but the thrill of our day to day living leaves us excited and willing to see new things.

Betsyboo, author of Life Most Complex Problems: The Real Reason for Our Being, reveals that thoughts, theories, songs, words, the wisdom of the past, old-time sayings, and nursery rhymes all have meanings and are connected. Also, taking the main terms in the bible play the most significant part nowadays and help us along the way.

While reading the book, I list five reasons why I recommend this book when searching for life's meaning.

1. She uses an expository style when trying to explain a concept.

When you start reading her book, you'll notice tons of situations reflected in our daily lives. She even uses her own experience to clarify her point in the story. Also, she delivers her message with supporting facts.

2.She believes in CANI.

CANI is an acronym for "constant and never-ending improvement." Just like Toby Robbins, who's also an author, believes that we can see a bigger picture when we continue to search for the missing pieces in our jigsaw puzzle. There's a statement in the book that is unforgettable, and I put it as my daily mantra, "Don't be afraid to start something over again, as it gives one chance to improve on what they left behind."

3.She believes that past experiences shape the person we are today.

There's a chapter in the book that she pointed out that once we were born as a human being, of course, between the era of time which is birth and adulthood, our growth is where we make mistakes in our lives and that every little mistake counts could cause a pinprick in our bodies. Learn from your mistakes and be the better version of yourself.

4.She is an eye-opener to everyone.

When you finished her book, you'll be surprised to realize the true meaning of life. Most of your questions will get answers, and you will be inspired to leap of faith about your own life.

5.She believes in GOD.

Blatantly said, her book's whole concept is to find a way to stay alive in a human form on Earth to eternity. She considers that God made us in His image to help Him with his plans and conquer the whole universe by working together and being fair to all cultures and humankind.

Betsyboo's book will, beyond any doubt, be your next favorite book to read because it gives pleasure about life, and you'll surely relate in every scenario. It is indeed one of the instruments that will help you find the true meaning of experiences in this world.

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