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Beyond Who We Are The Power to Awaken the Readers

If books help us express ourselves, reading aids us to discover ourselves. That is why it is truly essential when writers write from actual life events because, in that way, they can reach their reader's hearts and souls. Writers are not only tasked to write with perfect sentence construction and flawless grammar, but they should also write to awaken the readers and enlighten them to see their inner selves.

Gail Nicholls, the author of Who Are You: So What is Your Reality? tells about Gail's journey about finding herself through extensive traveling. Moreover, Gail also discussed how our DNA makes us who we are, and she also talks about her theories on extraterrestrials, earth cycles, and a lot more.

According to Gail, "To awaken in the reader, that there is more to us than what we know about ourselves, to let down the barrier of ignorance and possibly realize life is just an experience called life." This is one of the ideas she wished to contribute to the world as a writer. Gail has always been aiming to help everyone keep everyone awake in a state they currently reside in. Indeed, writers who write for fame create empty books. Some writers convert their whole ideas about a particular issue and convert it into a fictional story, while some explicitly reveal their thoughts without using metaphorical concepts. Awakening readers is probably the best skill of being a writer; because a book will never attain such success without affecting a reader's life.

On top of that, Gail focused more to awaken the children. Awakening humans at an early stage of their lives is undoubtedly a huge help as they grow; because it will cause great convenience in their adolescence period. Don't you notice how young generations quickly lose themselves in the process? They often attempt suicidal acts because they lose purpose in life; they also tend to embrace the identity this society tells them and never really got the chance to choose the identity they build for themselves. Delayed awakenedness will only cause havoc in the growth of everyone. This is why some LGBTQ members are frightened to reveal themselves to society because they fear disapproval from other people, especially their loved ones.

These are the reasons why Gail emphasized awakenedness to younger generations. She even added questionnaires at the end of her book. The questionnaire came from a gentleman She met in Kona, Hawaii, who specialized in studying children. She permitted Gail to add the book's questionnaires to see if the participants, particularly children, are awakened to the truth and experience we call life. Indeed, Gail's book is beneficial in discovering

your inner self and embrace your reality.

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