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Binita Elizabeth Charles’ Forces of Nature: Why Humanity Should Respect Nature

There are different forces of nature in this world. Perhaps, many have experienced its wrath or its beauty. As children, we were taught that nature is beautiful. Its trees, flowers, and creatures, tall, wide and small. They were supposed to be taken care of because the Lord creatively makes them. However, as time passed, humanity has neglected its duties by only indulging in nature but forgetting to take notice of how nature is getting destroyed by the day through corporate wastes, pollution, and overconsumption of its fruits and blessings. In Binita Elizabeth’s book Forces of Nature, she reminds us that nature is both beautiful and fierce.

Released in 2017, Forces of Nature is a book about how humanity needs to live right by this world by respecting nature. Both its beauty and fierceness. It puts emphasis on highlighting the importance of why we should not only indulge in nature’s blessings but also respect the creatures and the flora that dwell in it. Humanity has fallen short of this duty and prompted the wrath of nature, bringing tragedies all over the world and forgetting that humanity is one with nature. People need to be reminded that forces of nature are not to be taken lightly, for they hold the future of life on earth. Moreover, this book also touches on the subject of family and giving, both of which add pleasure to living in this world. Binita shows her readers what a beautiful world we are currently living in and creatively illustrates a paradise of the Creator’s making once humanity concludes that respecting nature would reap more blessings.

The author, Binita Mathew, was born on July 4th, 1974. Being born under different circumstances, she experienced abuse at a young age in so many ways. Still, she is blessed with a beautiful name, eventually coining the name Binita Elizabeth Charles as her pen name for her book. A tragedy struck her life on June 12, 1978, that forever changed her life. Only finding peace and refuge in Jesus Christ Himself, Saviour, and Lord.

Binita believes that the Lord never fell short in providing a world that is good for us. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, to the water we drink, and therefore, as creations ourselves, we are to know our purpose in this world and be reminded that when nature is neglected, God shows its fierceness. The book speaks of love and guidance in taking good care of the Lord’s creations and highlights the role of a family in this world. Binita’s narrative is subtle, but like nature, she shows fierce conviction in reminding the people of the world of the forces of nature.

Because nature, even though subtle, can be wrathful, and we must know our place in this world by keeping its thriving glory to the fullest.

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