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Braving and Embracing the Uncertainties of Life

Having been raised in a small town in Sri Lanka, Aloysius Aseervatham grew up as an easy-going and light–hearted individual. Al started his married life with Jasmine when he was in his early twenties. They learned quickly that life is full of twists and turns that no one can ever get ready for. During the early part of their marriage, they were forced to face and make life-changing decisions. Just as a civil war in his country was brewing and looming, the young couple bravely left the country and set out on a journey of uncertainty.

In his book entitled “Living Out The Plan,” Al shares the beauty and wonders of living the life in an unstructured and unpredictable way. This work is charming and engaging showing how things in life happen with or without one’s consent. Our dear author believes that life is pre-destined and pre-planned according to God’s will and not ours. Thus, living with the belief that life is not ours to decide, he continued his journey with open heart and mind.

In this book, he shares the journey of a life dependent on the Creator’s plan alone and nothing else. Bravely facing the challenge of getting out of his country, Al, along with his wife, had ventured into the world and became an educator. For forty-six years, he worked as a teacher in eight different countries on different continents, which gave him a vast experience in life and its complexities. Aside from this book, Al already published around 20 books of different genres, primarily in academic subject matters like mathematics, accounting, languages, and religion.

Al's website virtually represents his mind's strength and sharpness through his works and his family's achievements. Know more about Aloysius Aseervatham by visiting his website at

Let me leave you to ponder the author’s statement “If there is one thing that life guarantees, it is the unexpected. What if the unexpected – the life you live – was just a plan that you were following”?

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