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Braving Out the Identity of Yesterday

Facing adversity in life, at different intensity or levels it may come, happens typically to everyone. Perhaps, you came from a broken family and never received the parental love you needed when you were a child. It may also be foreseen as a failure in a business venture you dream of for a long time. It can also be a long-term romantic relationship turned into a nightmare of divorce, that suddenly your loving partner becomes this abusive partner you never expect. What I am trying to tell is that difficulties and challenges come in different packages. Once you've experienced it in your life, it will leave a scar deep down in your heart and memories in your mind. The question is, "Would you allow that to define who you are?"

Whenever I read inspirational real-life stories, I am becoming sympathetic and emotional for this person who braves out telling his or her story to the world, which such courage. It will never be easy for me to do so. But I realize now that sharing a real-life narrative does not only ease the burden inside and free yourself from the baggage of the past; moreover, it also reaches out to people who need comfort in life at the moment of adversity, even if you don't know them. Indeed, they are never alone in this journey. It was like having a confidant cheering you up when you feel troubled and bothered. That was the impactful charm of the book "Still Standing," written by Zizo Eladawi.

Inspired by the author's real-life story, the book mainly tackles growing up from an abusive father and how it affected him as a person – his identity today. From that life rock-bottom, he could sort out the essential things in life and brave out to manage a brighter future for himself. Most of all, it showed how he standstill despite all this life throwing rocks, making it a real deal of an inspiring read. The book was also written with so many heartfelt words while having eloquence and simplicity. Nevertheless, making it an excellent reading experience.

Learn more about Zizo Eladawi's heart-pinching and inspirational work at You can order copies, both hardcopy, and e-book, from the website.

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