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Breaking out from the Dark Night of the Soul

Being alive as human beings, we tend to learn only the iceberg's tip about our reality. We gain knowledge at school, graduate university, and hustle to our never-ending work routine to earn money. The shallowness of this kind of reality often makes an individual feel extreme exhaustion and living without a certain purpose. Everything is grey and dull. From there, one person could suffer from anxiety and depression. However, the truth of the reality is we are born greater than that. We deserve the best thing we can in our existence. We are creatures who are meant to break out from the "Dark Night of the Soul."

Gabrielle Lovejoy, the author of the book Revolutionize Yourself: Transcend your Ego False Self, Embrace your Authentic True Self, believes that it is by knowing your truth – the authentic self within you, will set you free. The author wants to create awareness within humanity. Determining an individual's belief system, inner thoughts, emotions, and reactive behavior in the ego's self has created reality. The book aims to help individuals be empowered in understanding themselves in a deeper sense and revolutionize their reality by knowing that they are the masters of their destiny.

You are not who you are conditioned to be.

You are enough in yourself.

You are unique individuals.

You create your own reality.

Know you are not born to fit in.

You are born to stand out

- Gabrielle Lovejoy

It is highly relevant today to learn about the importance of man's consciousness to the next level. Through strengthening our faith within ourselves and have mindful stability will anchor us while facing uncertainties and adversities. Shifting the man's consciousness is the start of awakening. At first, it may be irrelevant to some individuals to perform such shifting of consciousness because they have no idea about it. But through reading the book, it will make people understand that they can be "in control" and makes use of the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings. It will take time to get in touch with our higher consciousness inside, but it will be the best thing to pay attention to.

The moment you get at that level of consciousness, the divine essence and real force will only come from within your authentic self. It will open to infinite possibilities in creating your dream life a reality. Take it to an analogy with the metamorphosis of a butterfly. At first, the caterpillar only knows how to crawl and eat leaves from plants. Then, the time will come where it will rest inside a cocoon and soon come out as a beautiful flying butterfly. The keyword in this analogy is "transformation." Likewise, coming from a transformed mind, consciousness will result in revolutionizing habits and actions for actualizing a great life in store for you.

Learn more about knowing your authentic self's real power and understanding the importance of having the right consciousness by reading the book. Breakthrough the mundane of reality and revolutionize yourself!

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