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Breaking the Silence of the Inner Soul

The book titled My Embodiment as a Broken Record is an open flat form that leads us to understand further the situation that Thomas-Ian Nadeau went through. His experience maybe reflects on ours too. We encounter the same problem but in a different context. The book is for all people who think that they are alone. Make us realize that we all struggle in this cruel world, so why not lift each other up instead of bringing others down just because we feel frustrated. However, our feelings are valid. May it not be the reason for the other people to choose silence.

As individuals, we are different in terms of facing difficulties in life. Our sensitivity level has its own measure that only the beholder can say what to feel and how they will carry their emotions. Also, this book will tackle the concept of life and death, the bad and good on us, and most importantly, how society moulds each individual's personality. This interesting focus group discussion addresses one of the most sensitive issues: someone's peace of mind and mental health. Since it is timely and we are all prone to having depression due to the things that we didn't control. The relevance of the inner peace of an individual will reflect on how they behave or react toward things that may trigger their emotion. This type of discourse is not new to us, but there are still people who didn't take it seriously perhaps make fun of someone suffering from mental illnesses. The stigma of "it's just all in mind and nothing serious about it" is somehow crab mentality that instead of helping, it may cause more damage or worse, it may sometimes lead someone to take their own life.

As human beings, our journey starts the moment we are born. Making our life as meaningful as possible is depends on us. We are the ones who must make decisions for ourselves so that if something goes wrong, we can't blame anyone aside from ourselves. Also, it can help us to grow and figure out things on our own. If there is a living, then there's an ending: death. It seems to be the saddest part because, from the very beginning, we all know that every one of us will pass away. We don't know when, where, and how. However, we must remember that dying is proof that once in the history of a lifetime, we're given a chance to see the world, beloved and loved, laugh and cry, and be hugged and cared for.

Together with the differences of everyone is the freedom of an individual to express themselves. There's no wrong with flexing things that make us happy and satisfied in our lives; however, all the things that are too much are bad. It's not new to us to hear about homosexuality, whereas two people with the same biological sexuality feel in love with each other. We can't judge them for their choices in life because there is where they are happy. The only thing that we can offer to each other is respect. And no matter what our gender identity is, we must know that we are all beautiful in our own way.

The training ground of an individual in developing their personality is their home, and it is the basic foundation of what human they can possibly be. However, as time passes, we grow and see the reality of life. There's an evil doings and good Samaritan, and it's up to us what we will follow. Society influenced us whether we liked it not. In this world where chaos happens, the only thing left on us is our sanity to choose between going with the waves and letting life bring you somewhere or fighting it back until you finally find the purpose of a privileged life given to us.

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