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Brian George: Of Passion, Injustice, Retribution, and Cultures

Born in the United Kingdom, Brian George, also known by another pen name as Byron George, has spent around fifty years writing, gradually improving his writing prowess to build his unique literature brand. Brian has supplemented his works from people watching the different cultures in his travels, weaving them into his stories. This same interest, combined with his curiosity of people's raison d'etre, makes him a very insightful writer. Making his stories multicultural and very human, provoking our thoughts with concepts such as justice and morality, brings out primal feelings of desire and passion through the characters he creates.

In his Dream Team Trilogy, Brian creates an enthralling story that will keep you reading at the edge of your seats. Spanning across Africa, the Middle East, to East and Southeast Asia, we are exposed to a culturally diverse world sharing the same maladies of cruelty and injustice. The Dream Team, now re-published as Face and Justice, the first in the series, depicts Barry, a man whose decadent lifestyle and business failure lead him to be exiled to Saudi Arabia. Joining forces with Dubai's beautiful business ladies to gang up on the ruthless banker who helped facilitate his earlier destruction.

In the 2nd of the Dream Team books: Face and Honour follows Barry, Stella, and Annie's adventures in Thailand and how Stella's father's twisted values bring them to a journey across West Africa, in a struggle for vengeance against injustice in a conflict intertwined with cultural values and practices such as voodoo and religion.

The 3rd book, Face, Fire & Morality? continues the story of the trio. It even explores more places and cultures, from becoming involved in a mystical rite of an indigenous Filipino village’s affair, to being embroiled in a life-threatening corruption scandal involving the Philippine and Chinese authorities. Justice, morality, sex, and suspense fill these books with overflowing entertainment too good for readers to miss.

Brian can also write masterpieces dealing with eroticism, love, and passion, which to a great extent connects readers to connect with the characters and allows a release of their own feelings as would be evoked by these stories. Desert Loves describes how the protagonist meets Sarah, a remarkable girl from Nigeria, and Si-Si, an elegant Chinese woman who has caught his eye. Of how their fates intertwine in a story of intimacy thematically set in Dubai's extreme heat into a story you would never forget. Desert Loves 2 narrates a similar story that revolves around the same passions of love that captivates Byron, who falls for a Chinese Bar Girl, which gradually would lead to his near undoing. Tales From The BanNana Bar, on the other hand, draws from the author's experiences while living in Thailand and draws out a story that doesn't back down from conservativeness, being able to tell how sex, love, and addiction contribute to personal regression and how he saves himself before things get extremely out of hand.

Find out more and win a free eBook copy of The Dream Team or Face and Honour by visiting his website at or just email him direct at

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