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Brian Robinson: The Author Who Aims to Make a Difference

A stereotype has been developed over the years for disabled people; most of us believe that it will be hard for them to live normally because of their deficiencies. However, by the kindness of some people in the world, we treat them uniquely, and we understand them immensely because of their current condition. For that reason, some disabled are not liking being treated because of how they are; they wanted to be seen as average people and prove that they can do things and live like normal human beings. This is true for Brian Robinson, a man who works in Construction, an author, a man with one arm, and a loving friend of nine dogs and four cats. 

Many people call him One-Armed Bandit or The Sleeve, even stumpy and it never sounds like an insult to him. Instead, he is fond of making and listen to one-arm jokes and loves to tell funny things about having one arm. According to him, think of any misfortunes as an opportunity to find ways to overcome them than get depressed over it. He is undoubtedly a man of optimism, and there’s nothing in this world that he can never do. Also, he has 40 years of experience in the construction field. According to Brian, “Construction is the only trade where I was treated as a normal person. They’re good lads, they don’t give you any quarter.”

Another interesting about Brian’s life, he pursued for years with the DVLA to have the word ‘disabled’ removed from his driving license as he passed his test without any adaption to the car on his first attempt.

He can play snooker, shoot with a bow and arrow, and drive a crawler plus so many other things. Above all, he became an author despite his little education in his later life. He published a book called“The Adventures of Jamie Heslop”a story about Jamie Heslop, a young hero in the 18th century, in which he portrays greatness to solve problems and turn the impossible to every possibility. On one of Jamie’s adventures, he encounters difficult situations such as an erupting volcano, becalmed seas, storms, and water shortage and food shortage.  Repelling Pirates attacks, without any loss of life. 

Brian Robinson

Pondering upon the novel written by Brian, it somehow resembles the success and dilemmas in his life. Like Brian’s life, the book also interprets hope and inspirations to endure the day and make the most of it. Behind every great book is an exceptional author whose only goal is to let his heartwarming words reach every human-being one earth.

Brian Robinson’s sole aspiration is to make a difference in this life, and he did that by writing a powerfully inspiring book. Amid the despair, Brian emphasizes why humor matters in life. For him, a lot of things may have lost but never his sense of humor. After all, we only need a good hard laugh after a gruesome challenge in life.

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