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Bringing Resolutions from a Life Rewind: Carolyn McMahon on writing surreal fiction

For an author to write enticing surreal fiction, it needs to appeal to humans' sensibilities to empathize with the characters in the story. Think about it now. Most television series or movies blend in a theme of surrealism in an almost plain narrative of life. In the generation today, we need to find ways to catch our audience's attention, especially for storytellers. If we need to create an unbelievable scenario for an eye-opener or a key takeaway about the story's gist and message, it should be done for the sake of the writer's artistry and purpose.

It is one thing I am inspired from the story of Carolyn McMahon entitled To Follow a Life After. It is a story about two brothers finding themselves in a surreal adventure the moment they went out to search for answers to the death of their father. This led them to a series of unfathomable mysteries in a mixture of love, deceit, terror, and wisdom from the experiences that will teach them about their past mistakes in life.

McMahon's writing style appears to be a non-fiction mystery in the first part while gradually transitioning to surreal fiction. It is creatively written to lure the readers about the mystery case to solve at hand, then eventually, let them grasp the meaning of life through choices and actions by the end of the book. The revelations are mind-blowing. For the author, every little thing that we do in life matters. One decision affects one another. One mistake falls off to the other. In reality, we do not have time machines to repair our past, but we only have lessons in a life rewind to help us move forward in life. It is an opportunity to make our lives better this time around.

Why should you read this book? You'll get a double satisfaction of being entertained with the storyline while learning values applicable in real life. McMahon intended to entertain the readers and made sure they can get something worth and valuable after reading.

Take time and encounter this inspiring story, "To Follow a Life After" by Carolyn McMahon.

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