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Building Courage: Keeping Your Dreams Alive When Everything Gets Tough

Imagine having to keep the light of a candle through a wildly raging storm— it’s nearly impossible, right? It has the same concept as keeping our dreams alive when we go through tough situations.

It is a cliche to say that life is tough. However, it is also a sad reality that we must accept if we want to keep on moving on. Yes, life is tough—you cannot always be high up the sky. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a puddle.

There are times that life will push you to your limits, you will feel bruised, broken, sad, and angry. You might even feel like your life isn’t worth living. But how can you keep an optimistic perspective? How can you dream and keep pushing despite the inequality, harassment, and many bad things happening in the world out there? How can you keep the burning flames of your dreams in the middle of a storm?

Have faith

When you stumbled upon a quote saying, “Only in darkness will you ever see the stars brightly shining,” you will realize that this is true? We have to make mistakes by experiencing pain to realize what is right and our worth. However, for you to endure the darkness, you must keep your faith. You have to continually believe that there is another chance tomorrow where you can do better than today.

Look for something to hold on to

In a book entitled “Still Standing,” written by Zizo Eladawi, there are siblings who suffered from an abusive father in a country torn apart by economic and social upheaval. But, despite everything that they went through, they are still standing at the end. How do you think one person can go all through the pain and sufferings and still be able to find something positive about it?

To do the same, you must look for something to hold on to — a purpose in life. This way, you will never be tired of chasing your dreams, even if things are tough.

Have a good support system

“No man is an island”— you should never get tired of hearing this quote because to be able to survive the harsh reality, you need to have a good support system. That support can come from your family, friends, or even pets. You just need to know who to trust and who you should not.

Building courage in a world with harsh reality might not be as easy as writing this one. It would be best if you were not afraid to take small steps and work to make your life better. After all, everyone in this world deserves happiness and peace.

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