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Can an alien and ghost be friends?

Stories about science and mystery are always packed with fun, excitement, and spook. Most of the time, readers would love to delve into another world of meeting creatures that are unknown in reality. Reading this genre allows us to escape life and fantasize about another kind of world beyond us. Isn't it interesting?

Ghost stories are one-of-a-kind escapes. The world of after-life has always been a mystery to us humans. There are many beliefs about after-life stories, but until now, it remains a mystery to many. It was made for us to understand the sentiments of the deceased and how they reflect on their previous life. Aside from it, the science-fiction universe where aliens exist is one thrilling story that mostly liked. Do you remember the famous movie "extra-terrestrial"? What would happen if this two crossed-path in one story? What an interesting story it could be, right?

If you are someone, who is at the peak of curiosity about this kind of story, then you must read "Mikkee the Martian: Book 3 – The Ghost and the House".

Mikkee, our martian friend, is back for a ghost adventure with Billy and Jilly, the twins. It started when Mikkee and the twins are watching a television program about ghost hunting. Billy doubts the existence of ghosts in the world of living humans. As Mikkee overheard his doubt, he made way for the twins to meet an actual ghost. He invites the twins to visit a haunted house. From there, they meet a ghost named Jacob Morgan. They learned the mystery behind his death and why he was left roaming around as a ghost. With the help of Mikkee, they were able to solve the murder mystery of the ghost over a hundred years.

It's interesting how a fiction story such as this book makes a friendship between an alien and a ghost – a rare blend of fantasy. Despite their difference, Mikkee extends a helping hand to Jacob by using his powers to understand his situation. You can observe how good values were incorporated into the content. Also, ghosts are not only associated with fear, horror, or just anything spooky. They also need a listening friend for them to see the light in after-life.

Peter Locke's creative imagination works best again for the third book. Mikkee The Martian readers, will surely be delighted with this unexpected twist of the story and the value they will learn at every turn of a page. Check out the books here at .

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