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Capitalism Killed the Middle Class: Is the American Dream Gone for Good?

Here’s what many people don’t know or aren’t willing to accept: they’re one disaster away from financial ruin. This is every ordinary American’s reality regardless of their willingness to accept it.

We’re in a rigged game we are all forced to play. And in this game, Corporate America is unstoppable – even changing the rules to concentrate more power in itself and wield this power to maintain and expand its control. And if once upon a time you could have a comfortable life with just one job, people are now crushed under the weight of our ever-increasing cost of living despite working ourselves to death.

If you want to know how the American dream turned into a nightmare, then Dan McCrory’s book will bring you the clarity you’re looking for. A delegate to the Democratic Party and a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment since the 70s, McCrory has been the people's ally for decades already. Among his many contributions, he reinforces his pro-people stance through his latest book. Capitalism Killed the Middle Class: 25 Ways the System is Rigged Against You, an unconventional history lesson from a new and even uncomfortable perspective.

Dan McCrory presents the unfolding of this nightmare in 25 chapters with each chapter focusing on at least one of the more than 25 ways that the game is rigged to keep you down. It comprehensively details the culprits behind the current status quo drawing on his knowledge and personal experiences, all tied up in a compelling and well-written book. It reveals how we all are trapped by an omnipresent force that draws invisible limits to our progress.

Apart from being a much-needed history lesson, this is an appeal to the 99%. McCrory advises us to increase our political awareness while also advocating for mass organization and supporting labor movements – a call to action motivated by the growing disparity between the top 1% and the bottom 99% and the impediments to equality. A call to action means that as powerful as Corporate America may be, there’s something that can be done to push through those invisible lines.

So as grim as the content of the book might be, it can still be considered a source of empowerment for every American. It implicitly recognizes an organized 99% as a viable threat against Corporate America capable of reviving the American dream. McCrory doesn’t just expose what’s in the dark, he also gives you a way to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And given the devastation that the American public suffered due to the pandemic; this book is more relevant now more than ever.

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