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Carl Anderson’s “A Mother-Father Complex” Brings to Focus the Many Dimensions of Love and Initiatio

(November 24, 2020) – It takes utter honesty and truth to lay bare the intricate dynamics that play out in a family, between parents and children, and their consequences. “A Mother-Father Complex” by Carl Anderson is a brave attempt to do so with boldness and raw feelings.

“A Mother-Father Complex” explores love in many dimensions. It’s about a woman’s romantic love and her motherly love for the child, which negates his manhood when he is ready to be mature and is the center of his world, where only he counts. The work is about the father as well, a defender of his and others’ pleasures. The work then delves into the mysteries of initiation sans penetration, delighting the reader with pure and joyful humor between the father and his daughter.

“My books are a floating boat with ever so often a changing context… I stick to the truth from my teenage years when I started to write poems. It must simply be alive and living life and not machinery, and that is the only rule I have ever relied on,” says Carl Anderson.

As a writer, Carl is always trying to revive his teenage years' energetic youth and become himself as he has always visualized it, not to be afraid not to become what others are around him. No wonder his writings carry a unique signature style that’s hard to imitate. His writing technique relies on taking pauses and probing and digging within his subconscious, waiting for apt words and expressions to reveal themselves, but not afraid to reject them either if he wants to.

Carl’s writings are also an expression of his teenage spirit. Based on a younger self that is more independent than his middle age form, this raw model informs and defines his works. His past notable publication is “The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr,” which deals with three plays of the Irish woman playwright Marina Carr.

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