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Carrying the Weight of Hate: What are the costs of forgiving someone?

For how long can a person hold grudges? Anger is a heavy emotion. We should get rid of our hearts as early as possible. It will soon destroy us heartlessly, not only our own lives but also the opportunity to look at the brighter view of life and enjoy hanging out with the right company. Anger is a bitter emotion that will endlessly consume us until it left us nothing but a vast bitter taste in our mouths, and somehow, holding onto it can be addictive at times.

A person can hold a grudge as long as he can, as long as he wants. People are allowed to feel all the emotions, whether it is a negative or positive feeling. But living with those emotions is not healthy because it is supposed to be handled only for a short time. Emotions should be justified at all times. However, our anger toward someone will only end through forgiveness. At times, we think it is not a heavy burden to carry offense throughout, but in fact, it consumes our peace, sense, and identity. Anger will only end through forgiveness; sometimes, the person you are angry with does not know his mistake, causing him to never ask for an apology. And most of the time, the person who wronged you is just too high to humble down and ask for it. But it is essential to understand that forgiveness does not come

with an apology; instead, forgiveness must come willingly even without the person knowing it. Sometimes, you forgive not for the people who wronged you; instead, forgive people for your peace.

Craig Lanyon, an Australian poet who wrote Thoughts From A Mountain, which is a compilation of poems about love, hope, and forgiveness. This book holds the wisdom of thoughts about life's essentials and how we should pause and have a deep reflection about that. Particularly in forgiveness, the book has an encouraging and wise word about it, which will undoubtedly broaden our perspective. In addition to that, Craig Lanyon’s style of writing is exceptional; indeed, it will reach the core of your heart. Thoughts From A Mountain is a compilation of poems and a compilation of life and healing. It is a highly recommended book, especially for struggling to forgive and accept its costs. Indeed, the book is worth your time, focus, and money as it will heal you and show you a life of easiness.

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