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Catching a Psychotic Criminal in Jeffrey Kershaw's Risen from the Ashes

Catching a criminal is not an easy feat for every detective out there in the world, but a criminal who toys and manipulates the police? Easily camouflages himself in the line-up? That would probably take a tedious amount of work.

Risen from the Ashes by Jeffrey Kershaw follows the story of the anti-hero, a psychopathic man whose not only successful but is also a CEO of a company based in London that supplies armaments and transport vehicles to Third World countries. He begins his trail of murders with a tramp that he cleans up and dresses to make it look like himself. His apparent murder is pinned to his chief's financial officer. This novel is a thrilling take on the police chase and his demise and successes in evading the police, and he does this under the noses of those who are chasing him.

Kershaw's artistic narrative comes from his own experience as a person who was wrongfully arrested by authorities for failing to accept his credentials that he was working for the City Police for a project in which the FBI themselves are involved. His legal career helped him create a realistic take on his novel, that one would feel as if the characters' actions and words happen in real life. Having retired from the legal work, he wrote two books in Dubai entitled An Unbelievable Hoot and his psychological crime novel Risen from the Ashes.

Kershaw delivers more than artistic; he also incorporates a realistic tone that is seen in characters as the pursuit entangles many people into the story, innocent lives are being tampered with to delay the criminals' capture. Every page is a treat to readers as they are always left to question the motives of each and every character, making them doubt who really is the innocent one in Kershaw's narrative.The author also paints a narrative so graphic that every scene plays like a movie in front of the readers' eyes. It would feel like the reader is in the room himself. Fans of thrillers and psychological crime novels will enjoy this read as they, too, will be engrossed at how the transition takes you on a walk to the criminal's mind.

What's more, is that it will feel like the readers are in on the chase too. In every scene where the criminal evades his demise and is successful in pretending in front of the authorities, a guilt feeling will settle into the readers' mind as Kershaw will make you feel like you are in on the criminals' secret. It will absorb the readers into the picture of a criminal trial, which is the most gripping part of the book as both defense and prosecutor argue the case. Risen from the Ashes will give readers the goosebumps and the creeps as Kershaw illustrates a man who will do anything to evade capture.

Murder, mayhem, ruses, and the chase feel like a movie running on its own. With a plot so masterfully put together, readers will be interested in knowing the fate of the man whose primary goal is to evade and manipulate authorities and his surroundings for his own benefit.

Do you want to be in on the psycho's secret too?

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